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Chemistry Students to attend Eurogames

Posted on 20 July 2015

Two students from Chemistry@York, Chris Unsworth and Laurence McLellan Bastidas, have been chosen as part of a team of 4 students from the University of York Swimming and Water Polo Club who will represent the University of York at the Eurogames on August 2015.

The Eurogames is a LGBTQ inclusive international sports festival and aims to encourage everyone to participate in sport.

Chris says: "LGBTQ members often face prejudice in sporting environments and avoid interaction with sport out of fear of rejection. I wish to compete in the Eurogames in order to change this. I've swum for most of my life and I'm in the lucky position to not be involved in a sport that often sees such prejudice. I feel obliged as such a lucky individual to actively show my support.  York students be the first EVER university representatives at a Eurogames."

If you wish to support Chris and Laurence and for further information then please visit