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The Essential Chemical Industry - online

Posted on 7 May 2013

CIEC's Promoting Science group have recently compiled a comprehensive online reference library of the world's principal industrial chemicals.

Essential chemical industry - online webpage

The library is intended for school, college and university students and their teachers, as well as industrial chemists and employees of chemical companies requiring a quick reference or overview.

This new web-based edition has been developed from the latest (5th) edition of the book The Essential Chemical Industry.

There are 76 units, divided into six sections, which describe key aspects of the chemical industry in a concise way, with easy cross-referencing and drill-down capability.

The six sections are:

  • An introduction;
  • Industrial processes (such as catalysis and green chemistry);
  • Materials and applications (including biofuels and nanomaterials);
  • Basic chemicals (from ammonia to urea);
  • Polymers;
  • Metals (from aluminium to zinc).

Written by members of CIEC staff, and with the advice of over 200 experts in the field, the site is systematically reviewed and updated to ensure that it remains relevant and authoritative. The units are illustrated with over 220 photographs and diagrams, many companies providing recent and specially commissioned photographs to illustrate specific points raised in the text.

“This is a book that every school library ought to have - and possibly every chemistry classroom”

Review of the 5th edition of ECI: School Science Review, 2011, 92(341), 129.