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On the Science of Breaking Bad.

Posted on 17 April 2015

Professor Dave Smith spoke at The Royal Institution on 'The Science of Breaking Bad'

Science of Breaking Bad, Royal Institution, Professor David Smith

Professor Dave Smith recently spoke at The Royal Institution in London as part of a sell-out event on 'The Science of Breaking Bad'. 

This event saw Dave talk about lots of the science from the popular TV show including the organic chemistry behind drug synthesis and the risks of using hydrofluoric acid to dispose of bodies.  He also speculated on whether Heisenberg's product really was enantiomerically pure, and suggested a new explanation as to why it had its unique trademark blue colour. The event also featured a forensic pyschologist talking about the extent to which Walter White fitted the profile of known criminals, and a screenwriter reflecting on how to bring science to the big screen. The event was hosted by Claudia Hammond, presenter of BBC Radio 4's 'All in the Mind'.