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Outstanding NSS results in all areas

Posted on 10 August 2016

York Chemistry has achieved outstanding results in the 2016 National Student Survey (NSS).

students at fume cupboard

An overall satisfaction level of 97% continues a remarkable run of scores higher than 95% and ensures the department retains its leading position amongst the elite of UK universities.  Furthermore, looking at the data from the survey in more detail shows unprecedented high levels of satisfaction amongst the students surveyed with all aspects of their York chemistry education.
The teaching on the course was praised by 95% of students in the survey, with 97% finding the course intellectually stimulating and well-explained.  In terms of assessment and feedback, 87% students are happy - far-above the NSS average of 74%.
As a department, we put lots of effort into supporting each individual student and ensuring their degree runs smoothly.  92% of students are happy with the academic support they receive, and 93% feel the degree programme is well organised and managed.  In addition, learning resources were praised by 95% of students reflecting the high quality of our new sector-leading teaching laboratories.
The emphasis we place on developing students as individuals, and enhancing their personal skills was noted by 93% of students - an improvement of 14% - reflecting the way in which skills provision has been fully integrated into our degree programme.  A recent Education in Chemistry article explains how our innovative teaching methods have achieved this.

Indeed, averaged across all questions in NSS 2016, York Chemistry achieved a remarkable 92.4% - our highest ever score.  This reflects the dedication of all our staff - technicians, administrators, graduate lab demonstrators, lecturers and professors - and the emphasis placed by the department on creating a high quality, stimulating student-learning environment.