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Wayfinding and signage

Project information

  • Project start
    May 2018 - installation phase
  • Project end 
    September 2018
  • Wayfinding consultants
    CCD Design & Ergonomics Ltd
    DMA Signs - installation
  • Project manager
    Laura Welborn-Baker

We are undertaking a comprehensive review of wayfinding and signage on campus. We aim to create a better experience for campus users and visitors navigating a continuously developing site and improve efficiency for delivery drivers and emergency services.

Concept and Strategy

  • Campus is divided into 10 coloured zones across Campus West, Campus East and King’s Manor.
  • It will allow users to create a mental map of the University and their journey from arrival to destination.
  • It facilitates orientation through recognition, colours and visual clues.
  • Zoning allows users to easily give directions.
  • Decluttering of existing signs which are often confusing and misleading.
  • New signage is consistent across whole University.

Campus Journey, Map and Wayfinding

  • Zoning strategy is easily identifiable through coloured ‘swoop’ on all signage. This reflects the University Shield logo.
  • The strategy takes Users on a journey from arrival to Campus, to the primary entrance of a building, internal signage will then take over.
  • Hierarchy of signage across campus for both vehicular and pedestrian users.
  • Signage should direct the user to a zone initially, once in the right zone, allow users to find their intended destination.
  • Buildings are coloured to match their zone on the campus map.
  • Visual indicators of zoning through colour coding and numbering on signs is consistent with the campus map.
  • Building signs are located at primary entrances.
  • Buildings, Colleges, Departments and Campus Services are included on the map index.
  • Infographics for food/drink, parking and bus stops used on the plan for clarity.
  • Building signs, campus map and index can easily be updated with future development across Campus.

Key dates:

  • 14 May: contractors start installing signs on site.
  • Removal of existing signs and installation of new signage will be by sign type, starting with the building names and accommodation blocks across the zones.
  • Work will start in Zone 1 and move around the Campus through the zones.  Measures to avoid buildings with exams and other key dates like Graduation are in place.
  • September 2018: works are due to complete.