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Scientists say they are a step closer to solving chronic bladder diseases

Posted on Thursday 16 March 2017

Scientists have begun to unlock the genetic code to understand how the lining of the bladder functions as a barrier to store urine - paving the way for possible new treatments for chronic bladder diseases such as interstitial cystitis and cancer.

cancer-southgate (x70)
Properties behind cancer curing molecule

Posted on Tuesday 28 February 2017

Scientists at the Universities of York and Huddersfield have improved understanding of a molecule that destroys cancerous tumours without harming healthy cell tissue.

Common cold (x70)
Cracking ‘Enigma code’ of common cold

Posted on Friday 24 February 2017

Scientists at the Universities of York, Leeds, and Helsinki say they are a step closer to cracking, what scientists have called, the 'Enigma Code' of the common cold virus.

Guppies (x70)
Predator threat boosts friendships among guppies

Posted on Friday 3 February 2017

Danger from predators causes animals to form stronger friendships, according to new research.

Bacterial cells (x70)
New antibiotic for gonorrhoea

Posted on Wednesday 4 January 2017

Scientists at the University of York have harnessed the therapeutic effects of carbon monoxide-releasing molecules to develop a new antibiotic which could be used to treat the sexually transmitted infection gonorrhoea.

Ash tree (x70)
Could disease 'tolerance' genes give new life to UK ash trees?

Posted on Tuesday 3 January 2017

Professor Ian Bancroft and Dr Andrea Harper have identified genetic markers for disease tolerance that suggest UK ash trees may have a fighting chance against a lethal fungal infection.

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Transcriptional control of bladder cancer heterogeneity

1.00PM, The Dianna Bowles Lecture Theatre (K018)

Professor David J McConkey, James Buchanan Brady Urological Institute, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine