Protocol for attendance by non-members at Council meetings

In attendance

The standard list of University officers (ie non-members) 'in attendance' at Council meetings is as follows:

  • The Registrar and Secretary (ex officio Secretary to Council in accordance with Statute 14.3)
  • The Director of Finance
  • One Administrative Officer, Registrar's Department (minute Secretary)

Other University officers

Other University officers may attend to present specific agenda items, in particular members of the University Executive Board scheduled to present Executive Reports.

Occasionally an officer in attendance to present a specific agenda item may request (in advance) that other relevant colleagues attend to contribute to the presentation and respond to questions.

Such requests will be considered by the Registrar and Secretary in the first instance, referring to the Chair if necessary.

New member 'designate'

Occasionally a new member 'designate' might be invited to attend a meeting as an observer prior to formal appointment as part of that person's induction.

Contact us

Chair of Council: Alice Maynard

For agendas and minutes: Adam Hewitt
Interim University Secretary

Hannah Smallpage-Hurst
Governance & Assurance Administrator