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IRS&TH staff: Dr Barbara Schmucki


Dr Barbara Schmucki recently held a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (European Commission) in the Institute of Railway Studies & Transport History (University of York/National Railway Museum), York, and has been appointed Lecturer in the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility with effect from October 2004. Barbara's research project is on the history of mobility in Germany and Britain in the 20th Century, focusing particularly on urban areas.

[-]Career summary

1992: Lic. Phil. I (MPhil), Centre of Social & Economic History, University of Zurich, Switzerland, with a thesis on photographs as historical sources FBB (Frauenbefreiungsbewegung). Women's Liberation Movement in Zurich 1968-1980 (pub. 1995).

1993-1998: Research fellow at the Research Institute for the History of Technology and Science at the Deutsches Museum in Munich within a research project concerning competing transport systems after World War II.

1998: Dr. Phil. (Ph.D.), with a thesis on Dreaming of the Traffic Flow. History of Urban Mass Transport and the Motorization in Eastern and Western Germany 1945-1990.

1998-2005 (currently on leave): Senior Lecturer in History of Technology, Department of History, Technical University Darmstadt. Postdoc project deals with the food industry (technology), food chemistry (food science) and consumption up till 1945.

2001-2003: Marie Curie Individual Fellowship (European Commission) at the Institute of Railway Studies (University of York/National Railway Museum), York. Research project on the History of Mobility in Germany and Britain in the 20th Century.

[-]Recent publications

Der Traum vom Verkehrsfluss. Städtische Verkehrsplanung seit 1945 im deutsch-deutschen Vergleich, Campus: Frankfurt a.M. 2001 (Beiträge zur historischen Verkehrsforschung, 4) [Dreaming of the Traffic Flow. History of Urban Transport Planning in East and West Germany].

On the Trams: Women, Men and Urban Public Transport in Germany, in Journal of Transport History 23 (2002), 60-72.

Automobilität ohne Grenzen - Die Entwicklung des motorisierten Straßenverkehrs [Auto-Mobility without Limits - History of Motorised Road Traffic], in Koch, Hans-Joachim (ed.), Rechtliche Instrumente einer dauerhaft umweltgerechten Verkehrspolitik, Baden-Baden 2000 (Forum Umweltrecht, 33), 9-38.

Cyborgs unterwegs? Verkehrstechnik und individuelle Mobilität seit dem 19. Jahrhundert [Cyborgs on the Road? Transport Technology and Individual Mobility since 19th Century], in Technik und Gesellschaft, Jahrbuch 10 (1999), Automobil und Automobilismus, 87-119.

'Vom Schwung der Fahrt zur Form der Straße'. Straße, Stadt und Veränderungen des städtischen Raums im Zeichen der Massenmotorisierung [From the Swing of Speed to the Shape of the Road. The Road, the City and the Changing Space in the Age of Mass Motorization], in Traverse 6 (1999), 151-170.


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