Scoping review of literature on the health and care of mentally disordered offenders


This scoping review was commissioned as one of four in a series designed to lay out the state of the current literature on mentally disordered offenders.

The main aim of the review was to give a broad picture of the key issues in this area, and the extent to which there are important gaps which need further research.

The seven areas covered in this scoping review were: an overview of developments in the field; the statutory framework; existing provision for mentally disordered offenders; descriptions of populations of mentally disordered offenders; causal and preventative studies; pathways into and out of care; and effectiveness research.


It was obvious from the outset that this is a disparate and dislocated literature, and despite the four reviews, there is still a strong need for further overviews. We have only been able to touch on some of the important areas and the chapters in this review do not themselves provide definitive overviews - this simply would not have been possible given the resources of this project.

Conducted by: CRD and the Policy Research Bureau, London


NHS Centre for Reviews and Dissemination. Scoping review of literature on the health and care of mentally disordered offenders. CRD Report 16. York: University of York. 1999


Commissioned by the High Security Psychiatric Services Commissioning Board