About the College


Constantine College is the newest college at The University of York, having opened in September 2014. See the layout of the College.

Opening a new college is an opportunity to define a new community with its own ethos and identity, and this will continue as we enter our second year. The College Team and College Student Association are working together to create an active college life for everyone. However, there are lots of opportunities to become part of shaping the College's character.

Our main aim, as a College, is to promote the development of team work and leadership skills in an exciting and dynamic way. We look to offer a range of exciting opportunities through a plethora of different activities and projects. 

College Projects

A key aspect of our college ethos is to offer all students the opportunity to work on team projects.

Our aim is to create exciting projects, working on a range of different topics — such as fairtrade, energy conservation or humanitarian issues — within a group made up of all student types.

Regardless of your year of study, we want you to get involved. These projects offer students the perfect opportunity to develop teamwork, leadership skills, and social skills, and offers exciting ways to learn about interesting new topics.

We are open to all ideas. If you think we should organise a project about a particular issue, please talk to your College Tutor or the College Team and we will see what is possible.


College activities are fun. It is a great way to get different groups of people together with one common goal.

We are planning to run a wide variety of activities. Currently, we have plans for College clubs, gardening (we have raised beds to grow in) and weekly sporting events for all abilities.

We are also looking for students to lead consultations on the type of community and activities that our new members want. The student-led consultancy firm York Community Consulting will support groups of students to interview other students and then present recommendations to the college. Fill in your name and email address on our expression of interest form to find out more. 


There are lots of ways to get involved in volunteering at York: through Careers, YUSU, your college or independently. As a new college, Constantine doesn’t have an established volunteering programme yet, so if you have ideas that you’d like to develop, now is a great time to get involved in shaping things! The College Team are currently meeting with various community partners, and we’ll have some initial plans in place by the start of term. We're also looking at ways of supporting students who are interested in social entrepreneurship.


As a college, we want to celebrate our achievements, our identity and our differences.

This is why we look to organise events throughout the year that do just that! These events offer you the opportunity to take on a leading role in their set up and operation.

Some celebratory events we look to hold are cultural celebrations — to engage with all the cultures we have in college in one big celebration event — or smaller celebratory events to recognise project outcomes or student achievements.

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