"Homelessness is one of the most dramatic manifestations of inequality" (Pleace 2011)

"Planned reforms will bring to an end a century of government subsidies for council housing in England" (Wilcox & Pawson 2012)

International comparative analysis of housing systems and policies is a rich source of insight and ideas

"Over the 2000s worklessness amongst social tenants reduced" (Tunstall 2011)

"Neighbourhoods play a crucial role in promoting independence in later life" (Croucher & Bevan 2011)

"Mortgage arrears are increasingly just one component of multiple debts" (Ford et al. 2011)

Rebecca Tunstall, Centre Director 

The Centre for Housing Policy (CHP) is one of Europe's leading centres for housing and social policy research.

CHP has a twenty-year record of academically excellent and policy-relevant research, with measurable impacts on policy and services. We have been ranked 3rd in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, as part of the Department of Social Policy and Social Work.

Professor Rebecca Tunstall, Centre Director

Expertise and Projects

Our 12 researchers have internationally-recognised expertise across the full range of housing issues, and skills ranging from analysis of large scale data sets to interviewing vulnerable people.

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The principle is sound, but what happens in practice?

How we can help

  • Understand your service users
  • Demonstrate service outcomes and cost effectiveness
  • Nurture sustainable policy outcomes
  • Implement evidence-based assessments of policy impact
  • Design and commission effective evaluative research

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Published May 2015

Rugg, J. and Quilgars, D. (2015) Young People and Housing: A Review of the Present Policy and Practice Landscape, Youth and Policy  Special Edition: The Next Five Years: Prospects for young people, No 114, May, pp5-16


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