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Poaching patrol: new ranger methods decrease illegal activities

Posted on Wednesday 17 August 2016

Ecologists from the University of York have tested a new method to detect and decrease wildlife poaching, using data to better predict where illegal activities occur in protected areas.

Killer whale
Drones to discover more about killer whales

Posted on Wednesday 10 August 2016

Drones will be used to discover more about the social lives of killer whales as part of new research which could help protect the species.

trypanosoma-brucei (x70)
New drugs hope to fight neglected tropical diseases

Posted on Tuesday 9 August 2016

Scientists say they are a step closer to providing effective treatments for three "neglected" diseases after making a chemical which can kill the parasites that cause the illnesses.

Super ant
Invasive garden ‘super ants’

Posted on Thursday 28 July 2016

Three new infestations of an invasive garden ant - known for building massive colonies of tens of thousands of insects - have been found in the UK this year, with researchers at the University of York warning their impact on biodiversity could be huge.

Bacteria (x70)
Viruses turbo-charge bacterial evolution

Posted on Tuesday 5 July 2016

Scientists at the University of York have found new evidence that tiny viruses called bacteriophages turbo-charge the evolution of bacteria that cause lung infections in Cystic Fibrosis patients.

Rare moth
Rare moth in severe decline

Posted on Tuesday 28 June 2016

Numbers of a rare species of moth - found only in York in England – have tumbled in recent years, a team including researchers from the University of York have discovered.

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