Accessibility statement

Researching gender-based violence: experiences, challenges and ethics

Wednesday 5 June 2024, 12.00PM

We will be postponing the "Researching gender-based violence: experiences, challenges and ethics" until the autumn term.
We will be joined by postgraduate researchers who have navigated varied ethical considerations in their own work, both in social science and the humanities.
We will think critically about research ethics and work collaboratively on thinking through ethical dilemmas in research. 
This will be a really unique and valuable workshop, particularly of interest to those of you who are on the 'Women, Violence and Conflict' programme, those who took my 'Gender & Violence' and/or 'Women, Citizenship and Conflict' modules, and those who are working on gender-based violence for their dissertation/thesis. 
This is an exciting opportunity to learn about research ethics from experienced researchers, as well as to work together with fellow students from York and Newcastle to think about the complexities of this kind of work and how we might respond. 

Location: Online