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Diana Adu Gyimah

 The use of activism to fight against sexual violence on university campuses in Ghana

Siham Akaka

An Analysis of Five Famous Algerian Women’s Accounts on Instagram in relation to the Identity Construction of Algerian Female Followers.

Sarah Anne Barrow

Negotiating Spaces: An Exploration of the Experiences of Black Muslim Women in the UK

Joanne Burdett

Understanding Coercive Control Within and Beyond the Domestic Environment

Melissa Chahin

Exploring the Representation of Self in Hijra Life Writing and Photography

Siyu Chen

Explore the role and experiences of Chinese journalists in covering sexual assault against women and girls within the Chinese context.

Zishu Chen

Gender, discourse and online identity in Weibo-based Chinese popular culture.

Jaye Cook

Violence, trauma and memory: A creative ethnographic exploration of women's suffering

Lauren Cowling

Vagina Dialogues - reported experiences of and attitudes to one's vulvovaginal region 

Huawen Cui

Women-only compartments in trains in China

Siyuan Dong

The self-representation of single women in urban China, precisely, the so-called ‘leftover women’ or ‘Sheng nü'. 

Sanna Eriksson

"Motherhood in contemporary China"

Antonia Fox

The Queering of Gender and Sexuality in a Digital Space.

Nicole Froio

A Contemporary Evaluation of Hegemonic Masculinity

Xiao Ge 

Trick or Treat? Victimhood and Agency in Postpartum Care Centres in contemporary China.

Pilar Girvan

Boarding with a Feminist Killjoy: Dismantling Worlds of (S)laughter through Playful Subversions

Fatima Zohra Habib-Zahmani

Investigating Algerian Women YouTubers.

Joanne Heeney

Fathers with Autistic Children

Sharon Jagger

The impact of women's entry into the priesthood on the culture and practices of the Church of England

Jamie Khoo

How are women more than their bodies? Contemporary constructions of feminine beauty and body image

Yanisa Khumwongdee

Representations of the Fat Female Body in American and Thai Romance Novels 

Bernadine King

 Intergenerational relationship dynamics for middle-aged men raised by ‘second wave’ feminist mothers

Yue Liu

Single Women in China: Renegotiating Gender Politics in Contemporary China.

Francesca Lewis

Borderline Phenomenology

Daisy McManaman

“A Girl Resembles a Bunny” Examining Representations of Women in Playboy Magazine (1953-2020) 

Elizabeth Mbewe

The Impact of Child Marriage on Girls’ Secondary Education: A case study of Chilanga and Kafue Districts in Zambia 

Yulin Pan

A Phenomenological Study of Gender Inequality in the Chinese Academia

Nicole Roy

"Women's reasons for supporting right-wing parties. The cases of the AfD and FPÖ."

Mee Rhim Song

 The role of women’s practice of adornment in (re)producing capitalism in Korea’

Bethany Suggett

 Exploring men’s menstrual attitudes and experiences in the UK 

Arunima Theraja

 Dissonance and the Queer Self in the Modern Indian Landscape.

Aurelia Ubeda Puigdomenech

Contemporary Secular Images of the Virgin Mary

Emily Yates

Becoming Whole, in private and public: How Body Integrity Identity Disorder affects identity and gender ideals
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