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Diana Adu Gyimah

 The use of activism to fight against sexual violence on university campuses in Ghana

Siham Akaka

An Analysis of Five Famous Algerian Women’s Accounts on Instagram in relation to the Identity Construction of Algerian Female Followers.

Sarah Anne Barrow

Negotiating Spaces: An Exploration of the Experiences of Black Muslim Women in the UK

Jo Burdett

Understanding Coercive Control Within and Beyond the Domestic Environment

Melissa Chanin

Exploring the Representation of Self in Hijra Life Writing and Photography

Zishu Chen

Gender, discourse and online identity in Weibo-based Chinese popular culture.

Jaye Cook

Violence, trauma and memory: A creative ethnographic exploration of women's suffering

Lawra Crabb

Overturning of Roe v. Wade in the United States triggered
laws in Texas that made abortion illegal and how that is affecting women of childbearing age

Huawen Cui

Women-only compartments in trains in China

Siyuan Dong

The self-representation of single women in urban China, precisely, the so-called ‘leftover women’ or ‘Sheng nü'. 

Sanna Eriksson

"Motherhood in contemporary China"

Alice Flinta

How transnational Mediterranean literature by women, shapes a new sense of transnationality in Europe and challenges how we think of Europeanness.

Harriet Foreman

Exploring the experiences of the partners of non-citizen personnel serving in the British military.

Antonia Fox

The Queering of Gender and Sexuality in a Digital Space.

Xiao Ge 

Trick or Treat? Victimhood and Agency in Postpartum Care Centres in contemporary China.

Fatima Zohra Habib-Zahmani

Investigating Algerian Women YouTubers.

Holly King

Exploring the convergence of gender, technology, and identity in a rapidly evolving landscape, this research delves into the realms of science fiction, challenging binary norms to envision a more inclusive future.

Xiaomeng Li

Exploring working mothers of the one-child generation and the division of unpaid and emotional labour in the mosaic family pattern in contemporary China.

Daisy McManaman

“A Girl Resembles a Bunny” Examining Representations of Women in Playboy Magazine (1953-2020) 

Alice Myers

Confessional aesthetics in North American women’s self-representation on social media 

Lizzie Merrill

“How do you make leukaemia visible? Well how do you?”: Participatory artistic methods and Jo Spence’s “The Final Project”

Charlotte Oakes

‘Transnational ties and cross-continental connections: the West German feminist movement in global perspective (1968-1989)’

Jinni Ren

Contemporary Chinese audiences’ responses to the representation of sex work in
Chinese films (1951-1994)

Arunima Theraja

 Dissonance and the Queer Self in the Modern Indian Landscape.

Wenrui Xue

How female university students in China resist or compromise the influence of capital and power in the employment recruitment process.
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