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Holly King
PhD student



In 2020, I successfully earned my BA in English from Nottingham Trent University, my academic journey extended into the subsequent year, culminating in the completion of a Master’s in Literary Research in 2021, where I received a distinction. The central theme of my undergraduate and postgraduate studies revolved around the intricate exploration of Intersex narratives, with a particular focus on discerning whether these narratives could be construed as forms of activism or if they inadvertently perpetuated the enduring stigma associated with the medicalised body. Following this achievement, I have dedicated the subsequent two years teaching and tutoring GCSE and secondary school students.

Currently, I am immersed in the pursuit of my PhD under The Centre for Women’s Studies. My research agenda is directed toward the examination of AI technologies and their pivotal role in the shaping of digital spaces. Here, I envision an inclusive future that transcends traditional boundaries and promotes an inclusive society.



Exploring the convergence of gender, technology, and identity in a rapidly evolving landscape, this research delves into the realms of science fiction, challenging binary norms to envision a more inclusive future.




From 2021-2023 I have worked as a teaching assistant at St. Magnus C of E and at Louth Academy mentoring GCSE students and those with SEN requirements.


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Holly King
PhD student
Centre for Women's Studies
University of York
North Yorkshire
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