Alumni and friends of CWS 

Welcome to all alumni and friends of CWS. The 25 year anniversary celebrations in 2009 encouraged us to realize the extent of the CWS network. We want to continue to foster these important connections so that the feminist work of CWS will continue to activate alumni, friends, and beyond.

We know how life-changing studying in CWS can be, personally, intellectually and emotionally. Women’s Studies degrees can also have an effect far beyond the individual, as graduates take their knowledge out into the world. To make the most of the experiences and expertise of alumni and friends, there is the opportunity to maintain links and commitment to CWS.

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CWS 25th Anniversary Grove ‌‌‌

CWS Grove trees and bench

In 2009 to mark the 25th Anniversary of CWS, and at the suggestion of CWS Alumni, CWS commissioned a women-made bench and planted a grove of trees where everyone can enjoy a place to sit and reflect.

The words engraved into the bench are:

"Centre for Women's Studies 2009: Celebrating 25 years of Feminist Scholarship."