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Recent former research students and topics 

Name Research
Ai Ai 

 Status of Women and Girls in Rural China under the One Child Policy

Catherine Atkinson

Gender and Heteronormativity in the Primary School: Exploring the Effects of Critical Pedagogic Practice

Siyang Cao

Crisis of masculinity? Changing masculinities of young men in current China

Ting-Fang Chin 

Women’s Experience of Gender at Work in Taiwan

Pelin Dincer

Contemporary Women's Movement in Turkey: The Potential for Solidarity Across Differences

Gemma Gibson 

Contemporary Representations of Fat Beauty

Pilar Girvan

Boarding with a Feminist Killjoy: Dismantling Worlds of (S)laughter through Playful Subversions

Nicole Froio

A Contemporary Evaluation of Hegemonic Masculinity

Joanne Heeney

Fathers with Autistic Children
Guanlan Hu 

Reverence for tradition or following the trend? How do young men and women deal with female virginity issues in Chinese provincial cities

Euisol Jeong

Changing meanings of intimacy in South Korea when women go "digital" 

Jamie Khoo

How are women more than their bodies? Contemporary constructions of feminine beauty and body image

Imogen Knowelden

The Body in Trans Autobiographies

Francesca Lewis

Autø/gnøsis: Articulating and Affirming Borderline Experience and its Knowledges

Liu Yue

“Dancing in Chains”: Single Women of the One-Child generation Struggling for
Empowerment in Contemporary Urban China

Ni Lu

How Women understand Gender and Sexuality through Same Sex Love in BL (Boy's Love) 

Meng Ni 
Chinese Female PhD Students in China and in the UK

Joy Ogbemudia

Immigrant Nigerian Women’s Reported Experiences of Living and Working in the UK 

Shuang Qiu 

The meaning of ‘Living apart together’ (LAT) relationships to Chinese women

Nicole Roy

"Women's reasons for supporting right-wing parties. The cases of the AfD and FPÖ."

Li Sheng 

The Dancing Damas: Constructing Contemporary Female Elderhood in Urban China

Lotika Singha

Can ‘paid domestic work’ be reconciled with feminism?

Stephanie Smith

Perceptions of Womanhood in Botswana

Bethany Suggett

“You don’t want to mansplain their period”: An Exploration of Men’s Menstrual Attitudes and Experiences in the UK

Eleanor Terry

Hypersexualisation and Raunch Culture

Evangeline Tsao

Women Exploring Sexuality through Photography and Visual Representation

Shuaili Wang

The Self-identity Dilemma of Young Well-educated Female Outsiders (Internal Migrants) in Beijing

Kailing Xie The Privileged Chinese Daughters from the Only Child Generation: Identity Negotiation in Contemporary China
Yi Zhang  How to balance work life and family life: the effect of work-family conflict on young generation women in contemporary China
Manel Zouabi Transitional Tunisia: Discursive Constructions of ‘Woman’ on Islamist Facebook Pages