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Siyuan Dong
PhD student



I was major in Sociology in my undergraduate degree, and I completed my postgraduate program at the University of Edinburgh, majoring in Sociology and Global Change. My research interests are about sociology of family and sociology of relation.



My study focuses on the self-representation of single women in urban China, precisely, the so-called ‘leftover women’ or ‘Sheng nü'. ‘Leftover women’ are defined in a government report as women who are aged over 27 years old, single and well-educated with a high-income (The report of the China language situation in 2006). The public media is always trying to stick a negative label on these single women and stigmatize them. Previous study of ‘leftover women’ in China mainly focus on ‘why the phenomenon occurs’ and ‘how to solve this problem’. From the previous research, it can be found that a gap exists in the study of the ‘leftover women’ themselves. My research aim is, thus, seeking to contribute to the knowledge on personal experiences of ‘leftover women’ in China and provide a more neutral view of them to challenging facile stereotypes. My overarching research question is ‘How do the ‘leftover women’ in China self-represent in the context of social stigma?’ More specifically, ‘How do the ‘leftover women’ in China do impression management in different spheres namely spheres of work, family, peer groups and in finding an ideal partner.’


Selected publications

Investigation and Analysis of factors on land contract and management rights transfer, Statistics and Consulting, 2014.




Seminar Tutor, Introduction to Social Psychology, 2018-2019

Seminar Tutor, Sociology Hour, 2018-2019 

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Siyuan Dong
PhD student
Centre for Women's Studies
University of York
North Yorkshire
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