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Archive of Feminist Feeling workshop

Wednesday 21 February 2024, 4.00PM to 18:00

We are excited to extend an invitation to submit to our Centre for Women's Studies' "Archive of Feminist Feelings". The archive, in celebration of 40 Years of CWS, will be a collection of images and writings produced by members of our community (past, present, future) focusing on the objects that have shaped us along our feminist journey. The photographs and stories will be exhibited at the CWS Sisterhood in Action conference on 8th March 2024, and in the Centre following this.  
Therefore, we kindly ask you to submit a photograph of your object (examples could be a scarf, a pen, a mug, a book, a photograph, a poster, a plant, a shoe, a necklace, a shell, a pot etc.) accompanied by a short 140 word commentary, through this form.

The workshop will launch this as an ongoing project - we will collect photos of objects with a short blurb. We will put out a call for pictures to be submitted by 29th Feb via Google form.

Pictures will be exhibited stylised like polaroids at SiA and potentially elsewhere, and will be displayed in CWS afterwards.

Location: PZA/023