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Microbial Safety Cabinet workshop

Wednesday 4 October 2023, 2.00PM to 3.30pm

Speaker(s): Rebecca Burnett and Deepthi Joseph from ESCO Life Sciences

Join us for the next TechYork event for a workshop on microbial safety cabinet (MSC) safe use and maintenance by Rebecca Burnett & Deepthi Joseph from ESCO Life Sciences.

The session will discuss:

  • how MSCs work
  • what different classes and types of equipment there are
  • statutory regulations
  • how to use MSCs safely
  • how to maintain MSCs.

This session will be a great refresher for regular users, for those involved in training others, for newer or future users, and for general interest.

Please use the sign-up sheet to reserve your place.

Location: Williamson Rooms in Biology H block (B/H/102) (provisionally booked)

Admission: Admission by free reservation