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This event was open to all researchers and research administrators. It was designed for those new to research impact who wanted support and ideas, and also to those more experienced and looking for ways to enhance their research impact.

It was facilitated by the Research and Enterprise services' teams in collaboration with academic staff, the research communications team and chaired by senior staff, it was an excellent opportunity learn more about impact.

The day consisted of five sessions, the presentations from which are available in the appropriate sections below. We also videoed the final three sessions of the day, these videos are also available in the relevant sections. Please note there are flickering images at certain points during these videos.


What is Impact?

Presented by:

Helen Jones, Research Impact Manager, Humanities Research Centre
Tracy Dancer, Research Strategy and Policy Officer

  What is Impact? (PDF , 1,684kb)

Who can help me build partnerships?

Presented by:

Representatives from Business Development, CPD and KTP, Legal and IP Team, Office for Philanthropic Partnerships and Alumni (OPPA), the Research and Innovation Development Team (RDT)

 Who can help you build partnerships (PDF , 3,148kb)

How I got impact from my research.

Presented by:

Judith Bennett, Department of Education
Stephen Smith, Department of Electronic Engineering
Dee Dyas, Department of History

How I got Impact from my Research (PDF , 3,860kb)

How do I communicate my research to a non-specialist audience?

Presented by:

Sheila Perry and Sam Martin, Research Communications Office
Holly Squires, Commissioning Editor of The Conversation

Communicating your Research (PDF , 4,462kb)

How do I capture and monitor my impact?

Presented by:

Helen Jones, Research Impact Manager, Humanities Research Centre
Nicola Meenan, Research Strategy and Policy Office

Capturing and Monitoring your Research Impact (PDF , 1,126kb)