Help with an existing grant

Staff in professional support services are available to assist you throughout the duration of your research project. Whether a member of staff is changing, you need advice on grant finances or around procurement, staff from Research, Grants & Contracts have significant expertise and experience with all our research funders and are available to answer your questions. 

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Ensure grant finances are compliant with funder and University terms

This includes: submitting financial claims, processing claims from collaborators, organising audits and generating financial reports and project closure.

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Advice on open access and data management

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Many funding organisations require that the outputs of the research they fund be made Open Access and have precise requirements around data management. Most funder requirements apply even if the research was only partially funded by that organisation. If your output acknowledges support from more than one funder, you must ensure that all requirements are met.

The Library Research Support Team can provide expert advice and guidance around open access and data management.

Provides access to signed agreements and interpret contractual obligations

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The IP & Legal team provides access to signed agreements, interprets contractual obligations and liabilities and provides a legal opinion and recommended course of action to ensure the University and partners are meeting their obligations.

  • IP & Legal
  • Stewardship and reporting - for access to philanthropic agreements and meeting of obligations.

Key contacts

Matthew Just

Matthew Just
Intellectual Property & Legal Manager
01904 435191

Guidance for the PI on staffing and equipment purchase

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