Projects started in 2010

Care and support for people with complex and severe needs: innovations and practice. A scoping studyJune 2010 - February 2012

People with complex and severe needs constitute a relatively small proportion of all adult social care users.

The STEPP project: supporting health transitions for young people with life-limiting conditionsApril 2010 - August 2013

This research address a key gap in evidence on health care transitions by focusing particularly on young adults' experience of adult health care, as well as parental involvement in decision-making in adult health care settings.

Assessing outcomes of integrated care for long-term conditionsApril 2010 - February 2013

Home care for the elderly and disabled in foreign countriesJanuary 2010 - March 2011

The study aims to identify how European countries have reformed their home help and home care systems in order to achieve: High quality care which meets increasingly diversified and individualised needs, Effective and efficient services, Stronger user orientations in the provision of care, optimal balance of responsibility between formal and informal care, best way of attracting and retaining home care workers.