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Becca (BA Sociology, 1st year)

Have a look at what Becca had to say about her first-year experience.

Did you have any questions or worries before you arrived at York?

I was worried that everyone would know so much more about the subject than me! Everyone is in the same boat and lecturers are teaching as if you have no/very limited knowledge, so it wasn't an issue. I was concerned that because I hadn’t done any reading before the semester started that I would be behind, but that just isn’t the case. Whether you have studied sociology before or never picked up a Sociology book, don’t worry, the course starts out on a level playing field for everyone. Regarding university in general, I was definitely nervous about making friends (who isn't) but fresher's week and all the other events that are on really force you to get out there and speak to people which is fab. Also getting lost, which I still do, but on the main campus it’s just a big circle so you end up in the right place eventually!

What do you love about being a student at York?

The nightlife is great! Loads of variety and different events. It’s really safe to go on nights out in town because of NightSafe (student volunteers who are on the streets of York to help if you need anything) and the regular buses all through the night. Also, in the first week you get introduced to your STYCs (Second and Third Year Contacts) who help you make friends and are there with you on nights out to help you get around and get home safely.

What do you get up to in first year?

I only have 12 contact hours a week which obviously is a huge decrease from what I had at school, but it allows plenty of time to do wider reading and any work that you're set in the week. I definitely had to work on my time management at university because you have so much free time! York offers so many societies for just about anything you can think of and you can find out about them all in the Fresher's Fair. Your subject will more than likely have a society (SocSoc for Sociology) and societies are also a really good way to try out different things. For example, I joined YogaSoc recently and it’s a really good way to meet people from outside your course and year group.