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Confirmed Speakers

Sadruddin Benkadda, Aix Marseille University-CNRS, France

Overview of Statistical Analysis of Plasma Turbulence Data Abstract (PDF , 14kb)

Christopher Bowman, University of York, UK

Bayesian multi-diagnostic inference for divertor physics studies in MAST-U Abstract (PDF , 33kb)

James Chong, University of York, UK

The challenges of understanding microbiomes through metagenomes: can nanopores help? Abstracts (PDF , 316kb)

Jonathan Citrin, Differ, Netherlands

Fast and accurate tokamak turbulence modelling with neural networks Abstract (PDF , 85kb)

Marie Lise Dubernet, Observatory of Paris, Paris

VAMDC bridging the gap between A&M data producers, users and editors Abstract (PDF , 161kb)

Mat Evans, University of York, UK

Machine learning our ways to better air quality forecasts Abstract (PDF , 291kb)

Guillaume Fuhr, Aix Marseille University-CNRS, France

Time series analysis applied to generation of external transport barrier in non-linear plasma edge simulations Abstract (PDF , 10kb)

Keisuke Fujii, Kyoto University, Japan 

Automatic fusion plasma data analysis based on Bayesian statistics Abstract (PDF , 20kb)

Shigeru Inagaki, Kyushu University, Japan

Daiji Kato, National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan 

Atomic data needs of Lanthanide elements in ejecta of neutron star mergers Abstract (PDF , 241kb)

Adriano LuchettaConsorzio RFX, Italy

Mapping Data Views in fusion research – a practical approach Abstract (PDF , 329kb)

Paul Maguire, NIBEC, University of Ulster

Detecting trace gases with optical emission spectroscopy and supervised machine learning Abstract (PDF , 128kb)

Stefan Matejcik, Commenius University, Slovakia

Excitation and dissociation of the molecules by electron impact Abstract (PDF , 326kb)

Sebastian Mohr, Quantemol, UK

Data needs for industrial plasma processes modelling and optimisation Abstract (PDF , 73kb)

Magali Muraglia, Aix Marseille University-CNRS, France

Detection of Turbulent Driven Magnetic Islands in Tokamaks: Towards Neural Network? Abstract (PDF , 83kb)

Izumi Murakami, National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan

Atomic Data Evaluation with Statistical Methods for Plasma Spectroscopic Diagnostics Abstract (PDF , 53kb)

Tomo Murakami, Seikei University, Japan

Applying network analysis to plasma data; the analysis of relations through mathematical graphs Abstract (PDF , 62kb)

Andrea Murari, EUROfusion

Data Driven Theory: how to derive mathematical models directly from data Abstract (PDF , 342kb)

Moritz Oberberg, Ruhr University Bochum, Germany

The Multipole Resonance Probe: A powerful sensor for plasma process monitoring and control Abstract (PDF , 319kb)

Satoshi Odachi, National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan

Inverse problem in the estimate of the internal current density of the interchange mode from the magnetic probe measurement in LHD Abstract (PDF , 163kb)

Jesús Vega, Ciemat, Spain

Data-driven approaches for disruption prediction in tokamak Abstract (PDF , 282kb)

Jan Voráč, Masaryk University, Czech republic

MassiveOES: Open source software – bringing big data processing to spectroscopy Abstract (PDF , 89kb)

Kristian Wende, INP, Germany

Data life cycle in plasma-medicine - what can we learn from the proteomics community Abstract (PDF , 201kb)

Christian Wölfel, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Sputter processes: Neural network based modeling and control Abstract (PDF , 6kb)

Masayuki Yokoyama, National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan

An attempt for the thermal transport modelling of fusion plasmas based on the statistical approach: Beyond the conventional scaling for the energy confinement time Abstract (PDF , 375kb)

David Zarzoso-Fernandez, Aix Marseille University-CNRS, France

Data science for the prediction of particle transport induced by energetic particle modes Abstract (PDF , 268kb)