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Computational Plasma Physics workshop

Wednesday 20 March 2019

Registration Deadline: Tuesday 12 March 2019

Numerical simulations are essential to predicting and understanding phenomena in many areas of plasma physics. Research areas with some representation in the York Plasma Institute include fusion (magnetic and inertial), low temperature and industrial applications, high energy density, space and astrophysics. A wide range of techniques are used to perform simulations, but the challenges faced have much in common between applications. The aim of this workshop is to bring together experts from across plasma physics, to share expertise and foster broad collaborations.

Particular topics for the meeting include:
1) Identifying research questions which could be addressed using high performance computing capabilities. Are there opportunities to apply or adapt software developed in one field of plasma physics to problems in another, or needs which could be addressed by a joint project?
2) Identifying where expertise or experimental data from one area of plasma physics could be exploited to have a broad impact across areas of plasma physics.

This workshop is supported by the EPSRC Collaborative Computational Project in Plasma Physics (CCP-Plasma) network ( Financial support for travel and subsistence may be available through this network. Please contact Ben Dudson ( for details.

The workshop will include short talks of around 15 minutes, posters, and small-group discussions. Time will be set aside for discussion to identify areas for collaboration and ideas for project proposals. The workshop is expected to start at 10am, and finish at around 4pm.