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Many-core architectures and systems

Connected nodes 02. Credit Fabian Moron Zirfas/Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Current trends in computer design favour a shift to systems where computational power is achieved not by a single very fast and very complex processor, but through several on-chip processors working in parallel, each executing a single thread.

Over the next few decades systems that integrate hundreds or thousands of cores are likely to emerge. Current architectures are not suitable for this kind of system and there is a strong need to devise novel mechanisms and technologies that will allow the development of many-core systems and eventually their commercialization as consumer products.

Our research focuses on how to overcome three critical issues related to the implementation of many-core systems: reliability, energy efficiency, and online optimisation. With our strong background in adaptive and bio-inspired technologies, we seek to develop systems which can improve themselves over time without the need for external intervention.