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1.3GHz dipole in chamber

1.3GHz high voltage dipole with reflector under test in anechoic chamber

Hyperband antenna in Chamber

High voltage planar vivaldi for hyperband pulse generation under test in anechoic chamber

150MHz Dipole in chamber

150MHz high voltage kite-dipole under test in anechoic chamber

Antenna Design for Susceptibility to Intentional Electromagnetic Inteference

In order to protect electronic systems from disruption due to intentionally generated electromagnetic interference (IEMI), it is necessary to asses its susceptibility using standard tests. The requirement for any additional protection can then be assessed. In this project, antennas are being developed to enable equipment to be tested according to the requirements of the IEC 61000-4-36 standard: "Testing and measurement techniques – IEMI immunity test methods for equipment and systems", which is currently under development.

Two Hyperband and two dipole antenna designs have been delivered and are in use in QinetiQ's laboratories.

Antenna and pattern





  • Start: September2018
  • End: March 2020