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Dr. John Dawson BSc DPhil MIEEE

Associate Professor

Tel: +44 (0)1904 32 2356

Research Area: Communication Technologies » Applied electromagnetics and devices 

Research Expertise: Antennas, Computational Electromagnetics, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC), Electromagnetics, Electromagnetic Coupling and Shielding, Reverberation Chambers



Further details of research projects and publications (downloads) can be found on my York Research Database page and on the Applied Electromagnetics and devices Web pages.

My research interests include:

  • Electromagnetics - computational methods, measurements, interference effects in circuits, statistical electromagnetics electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) intentional electromagnetic interference (IEMI)
  • Shielding and electromagnetic properties of materials and structures
  • Communications -  propagation in vehicles, buildings and other structures
  • Optimisation for engineering problems.

I review for a number of Electromagnetics journals including IEEE Transaction on Electromagnetic Compatibility, and Microwave Theory and Techniques.

I am a member of the technical program committee for the EMC Europe conference series.

I am a member of Centre for Energy Efficient Materials.



I currently teach:

  • Electromagnetics (Transmission lines)
  • Applications of Electromagnetics (Electromagnetic Compatibility)

I have taught courses at undergraduate, and graduate level and courses for industry on a wide range of topics including:

  • Analogue and digital circuits
  • Signal processing
  • Instrumentation
  • Numerical electromagnetic modelling
  • Electromagnetic measurements
  • Internet and LAN protocols
  • Circuit analysis
  • Further Analogue (Power amplifiers and switch-mode power supplies)
  • Design for EMC
  • Shielding and Filters

I also enjoy looking after a range of student projects that reflect my research, teaching and interests in embedded systems, analogue electronics, and electromagnetics.



I am currently:

  • Analogue stream leader
  • Member of Research IT Committee

During my time at York I have undertaken the following administrative posts in the School of Physics, Engineering and Technology:

  • Open day coordinator
  • 2nd year laboratory coordinator
  • Chair of Board of Examiners
  • Chair of  Computing Resources Committee
  • Communications research group representative on Health and Safety committee


I left school at 16 and undertook a technician apprenticeship with the MOD at RNSD Copenacre near Bath where I gained an ONC and a HNC in Electrical Engineering. After completing my apprenticeship I was in the first entry of students to the Electronics course at the University of York. During the summers I returned to the MOD or worked for a small electronics company in Daventry.

During my period as a student I set up a small electronics company, with a friend from the MOD apprenticeship. After completing my Bachelor's degree  I stayed on as a research assistant at York to study for my PhD and work on HF communications. I also worked to build the company and began working in PD Electronics full time after I finished my PhD project.

After working on industrial systems for a few years at PD Electronics I found I missed the research environment and returned to York as a Lecturer in Electronics and began my research in Electromagnetic compatibility.


I occasionally act as a consultant for Eurofins York (formerly York EMC Services), where I also deliver courses for industry on Electromagnetic Compatibility and related topics.

Previously I have worked as a consultant for  the now defunct York Electronics centre on the development of custom electronic systems for industrial applications.