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Reverberation chamber measurement of Human body electromagnetic absorption cross section

ACS measurement of Spherical test object in Reverberation Chamber

Measurement of absorption cross section of spherical test object in reverberation chamber

‌ ‌Absorption cross section of Spherical test object

A‌bsorption cross section of a spherical test object compared with Mie series

Measured ACS of 3 Human subjects

A‌bsorption cross section of human subjects

The electromagnetic radiation dosimetry study on human body is of great interest today, not only because of the safety exposure problems, but also because of its applications to communications such as the indoor radio channel modelling.

It is clear that morphology determines the electromagnetic power absorption. This research focuses on the inverse problem, which is inferring morphology from absorption cross section, especially parameters such as body surface area and average fat layer thickness.

The absorption cross section of an object is the area of an an ideal absorbing object that would have the same absorption as the measured object.  We have performed a number of studies in which the electromagnetic absorption cross section of Human subjects were measured over the frequency range 1-18GHz. 

Key Publications

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