Accessibility statement


Pathway: MA in the History of Art (Medieval Art & Medievalisms)

Why did you choose this programme/pathway to study?

I’ve always loved medieval art and spent as much of my undergraduate programme studying the period as possible, so for me it was the perfect course to specialise in.

Why History of Art, and why York?

I loved doing my undergraduate here, and for medieval art there’s no place better! Having such fantastic examples of surviving medieval art on my doorstep is a luxury I certainly haven’t taken for granted!

What skills have your postgraduate studies allowed you to develop?

Studying for an MA has allowed me the freedom to independently research topics I find intriguing, and through this independent study it has encouraged me to form my own opinions and question the secondary literature, as well as scrutinise the primary sources themselves.

How do you plan to use your History of Art MA and the skills you've learned in the future?

I hope to go on to work in an institution where I can come into contact with medieval art and objects, and in the meantime, I am incredibly excited about doing an internship in the Medieval department of the V&A in the autumn. The interdisciplinary style of the MA course at York has allowed me to develop and apply a range of different skills and work with people from a wide variety of fields, skills I know will prove invaluable.