The Genesis of a Window: Methods, Preparations and Problems of Stained Glass Manufacture

Thursday 26 May 2016, 9.30AM to Fri 28 May 2016

Stained Glass Research School 2016From the early medieval period stained glass design and manufacture has evolved and reacted to changing tastes, styles and technological advances. The conception and creation of stained glass windows are influenced by factors as diverse as their architectural settings, pictorial and textual sources, and the interests and politics of patrons and custodians.

This year’s Stained Glass Research School PhD Symposium was opened with a keynote paper given by Dr. Rachel Koopmans, York University, Toronto, on a thirteenth-century miracle window at Canterbury Cathedral and was followed by postgraduate papers on stained glass from a range of periods.

On the second day a coach tour visited stained glass ranging in date from the medieval to the modern, at Ripon Cathedral and the parish churches at Kirby Wiske, Kirklington, East Rounton and Nun Monkton.

View the full programme and abstracts: Stained Glass PhD Summer Symposium 2016 programme (PDF  , 117kb)

Location: King's Manor and Site Visits