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Medievalisms Research School afternoon

Wednesday 2 June 2010, 1.15PM

Work in progress presentations by staff and students

This seminar will provide an opportunity to discuss recent work by four of our own research students, along with a key-note paper by Professor Rachel Koopmans from York University, Toronto, who is currently Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Medieval Studies.

The programme will include papers on medieval art and on the rediscovery of and attitudes to the medieval past in the nineteenth century. Harry Stirrup and Zoe Dumelow will present the results of some of their work on medieval manuscript illumination. Peter Martin and Jasmine Allen will discuss the importation of stained glass into England in the early nineteenth century and the role of exhibitions in promoting stained glass. Linking the two will be Professor Koopmans' paper on the famous twelfth-century Becket windows in the east end of Canterbury Cathedral.

Location: Kings' Manor, K/133