About York Trials Unit

The York Trials Unit provides a number of services including study design, randomisation, trial coordination, data management, statistics, economic evaluation and outcomes.  We also run a number of courses about clinical trials.  More information on both historical and currently active trials can be found in the relevant project microsites.

Randomisation Procedures

The Unit provides a range of methods to ensure secure allocation of trial participants to treatments. Unsecure allocation methods, such as sealed envelopes, are potential sources of subversion bias, secure allocation aims to eradicate this potential source of bias.  As well as providing a secure and concealed method of random allocation of trial participants we offer a range of sophisticated allocation methods, such as minimisation, to ensure maximum comparability of the trial groups and minimise the possibility of chance bias. 

Data Management Services

The Unit operates a comprehensive state of the art data management service which covers a range of different aspects from advice regarding appropriate data management strategies to complete data management solutions. The data management service provides a comprehensive design, implementation and management service incorporating manual data entry, electronic data capture and optical data scanning systems.

Clinical Input to Trial Design

As well as having a wide range of non-clinical experts experienced in developing randomised trials we are fortunate to have, either within the Unit or Department, access to clinical experts.  For example, Professor Ian Watt, who is an associate member of the Trials Unit, provides advice on primary care trials from the perspective of a general practitioner.