BHF Cardiac Care and Education

The Cardiovascular Health Research Group (CHRG) 

NACR contact: Karen Cardy
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Angina plan contact: Jessica Hemingway
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Led by Professor Patrick Doherty, the Cardiovascular Health Research Group (CHRG) incorporates:

  1. The National Audit of Cardiac Rehabilitation (NACR) 
  2. British Heart Foundation (BHF) Cardiac Care and Education Research Group
  3. Intervention development in cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation
  4. Self-management approaches in cardiovascular disease such as the Angina Plan 

The CHRG includes a range of staff from different clinical disciplines plus high-level data specialists and health services researchers. The group is leading on clinical effectiveness studies using clinical trials and observational studies which together represent a comprehensive picture of how health care interventions can be delivered (ideally) and how they are delivered in the real-world of routine clinical practice. Our studies, using routine clinical data, enable us to work with the NHS to help improve the quality of services and improve the extent of patient benefit associated with the delivery of cardiovascular prevention and rehabilitation programmes across the UK. The CHRG is committed to the translation of research into practice and has established a strong research impact focus which is supported by the University of York.