Health Services and Policy Research Group

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The Department is sad to announce the death of Professor Alan Maynard on Friday 2nd February. Alan spent much of his career at York and was a much respected scholar, with an international reputation for his work on health economics. He was one of the finest academics of his generation. To read some of Alan's seminal contributions to health policy and health economics, as well as commentaries on the many ways in which his work made a difference, see: Maynard Matters – Critical Thinking on Health Policy. Free to download here:

He will be greatly missed in the Department and was such a wonderful colleague. Obituary

The Health Services and Policy Research group is an influential, interdisciplinary and multi-professional team that examines key issues affecting the organisation, financing, delivery and regulation of care in the UK and internationally. 

This research group is interested in:

  • improving the effectiveness, quality, efficiency, equity and safety of care through evaluating healthcare interventions, policies, and the development and testing of new approaches 
  • improving the ways in which professionals communicate and make choices with patients and the public in order to enhance the quality and safety of healthcare, patient involvement in care and the training given to health professionals
  • exploring ways of promoting the mobilisation of research evidence in the development of policy and in clinical and managerial practice
  • analysing the nature, mix and performance of the healthcare workforce and using this to inform workforce policies, planning, training and development
  • assessing the impact of regulation on the availability of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and also on the performance of healthcare systems.

The group is directed by Professor Karen Bloor and is administered by Sandi Newby.