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Smoking cessation for people with severe mental illness: a pilot study and definitive randomised evaluation of a bespoke service (SCIMITAR)

This study is about people with serious mental health problems such as schizophrenia who are twice as likely as the general population to smoke and die approximately 25 years earlier as a consequence. This group get poor access to effective interventions to help them quit or cut down on their smoking, therefore, this study will develop a bespoke smoking cessation service targeted to meet the needs of those with severe mental illness (SMI) and will test the clinical and cost effectiveness of this approach in a randomised controlled trial.

To view the SCIMITAR protocol click here SCIMITAR Protocol (PDF , 1,347kb).


Funder(s): National Institute for Health Research HTA
Start Date: 01-Mar-2010
Expiry Date: 30-Nov-2013


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  • Tim Bradshaw
  • Susan Michie

Mental Health and Addiction Research in the Department of Health Sciences