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A review of methods to identify postnatal depression in primary care

A review of validity, utility and cost effectiveness the of the tools (and other clinical methods) to assist in the identifiaction of Post Natal Depression. We begin with a thorough scoping review to identify all methods that are available for use in the pre- and post-natal period to identify those who have (or will subsequently develop) post natal depression. We will then apply state of the art systematic review methods to summarise the validity of all identification strategies, and the acceptability of these approaches from the perspective of both patients and professionals. The brief anticipates that sufficient primary research will be available to assess the cost-effectiveness of this approach, and we therefore propose to use decision modelling to address this issue from the perspective of the UK NHS. We will also prioritise areas for further research by assessing the expected value of further information to the NHS (including the benefits of developing better identification instruments). Our team will explicitly involve multiple stakeholders in the design, conduct and interpretation of this review. This will enhance the impact of our review on practice and policy.


Funder(s): NCCHTA
Start Date: 01-Oct-2006
Expiry Date: 31-Mar-2008


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  • David Richards

Mental Health and Addiction Research in the Department of Health Sciences