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NIQUAD : Nationally Integrated Quantitative Understanding of Addiction Harms

NIQUAD aims to shed new light on the scale of substance use and substance-specific harms; and examine the natural history, intervention effects and impact in reducing or magnifying such harms. It aims to do this through micro (record linkage) and macro integration (evidence synthesis) of available information. The former strand will integrate administrative and research data at the individual case level to create statistically powerful ‘virtual’ cohorts that track pathways in and out of treatment, criminal justice, and healthcare, sequencing key events. Evidence synthesis will develop models that link all the available evidence to link and test its consistency and to examine the relationships between parameters.


Funder(s): Medical Research Council
Start Date: 01-Sep-2010
Expiry Date: 31-Aug-2013


Internal staff

External collaborators

  • A E Ades
  • Daniellla De Angelis
  • Matthew Hickman
  • Sheila Bird
  • Gordon Hay
  • Tim Millar