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Professor Charlie Lloyd

BSc (Hons), MPhil (Cambridge)

• Director of the Graduate School
• Professor of Social Policy and Criminal Justice



Charlie has a background in criminology, undertaking research at the University of Cambridge and then the Home Office, where he undertook research on prisons and probation and managed a programme of research on drugs prevention. He then moved to the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, where he managed research programmes on young people, drugs and alcohol. In 2010 he moved to the Department of Health Sciences in the University of York, undertaking research and teaching on drug and alcohol use. He joined the School for Business and Society in 2017, where he is teaching on criminal justice and substance use, and undertaking research on prison and police responses to drug use.


  • BSc. Psychology
  • MPhil. Criminology

Areas of expertise

  • Criminal Justice responses to drug use: prisons, probation and police
  • Drug policy
  • Stigmatisation and recovery of people who use drugs



Research interests:

  • Drug use in prison and on release, including recovery and rehabilitation
  • Substance users under the supervision of the NPS and CRCs
  • Police responses to substance use
  • Stigmatisation of people who use drugs
  • Drug Consumption Rooms
  • People on long-term substitute prescriptions
  • Recovery from dependent substance use


  • “Spice” use among ex-prisoners supervised in Approved Premises and by Community Rehabilitation Companies
  • Policing of Cannabis in North Yorkshire
  • Long-stay Parking: a study of people on long-term substitute prescriptions
  • N8 Policing Research Partnership: Evaluation Strand


PhD supervision - Illicit drugs and criminal justice research including:

  • Prison, probation and police responses to drug use and drug users
  • Stigmatisation of people who use drugs
  • Recovery from dependent drug use
  • Drug consumption rooms


Selected publications

  • Lloyd, C., Page, G., Liebling, A., Grace, S. et al. (2017). A short ride on the penal merry-go-round: relationships between prison officers and prisoners within UK Drug Recovery Wings. Prison Service Journal, 230, p.3-14.
  • Grace, S., Page, G., Lloyd, C. et al. (2016). Establishing a ‘Corstonian’ continuous care pathway for drug using female prisoners: Linking Drug Recovery Wings and Women’s Community Services. Criminology and Criminal Justice, 16 (5), p.602-621.
  • Lloyd, C., Stover, H., Zurhold, H. and Hunt, N. (2016). Similar problems, divergent responses: drug consumption room policies in the UK and Germany. Journal of Substance Use, 22 (1), p.66-70.

  • Page, G., Templeton, L., Grace, S., Roberts, P., McKeganey, N., Russell, C., Liebling, A., Kougiali, Z. and Lloyd, C. (2016). Conspicuous by their abstinence: The limited engagement of heroin users in English and Welsh Drug Recovery Wings. International Journal of Drug Policy, 29, p.49-56.

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  • Illicit Drug Use Module
  • Social Research Methods
  • Introduction to Social Policy
  • Victimisation and Social Harm
  • Criminal Justice and Policing
  • Crime and Society

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Invited talks and conferences

  • Lloyd, C., Stover, H., Zurhold, H. and Hunt, N. (2013). Similar Problems, Divergent Responses: A Comparative Analysis of Drug Consumption Room Policies in the UK and Germany. International Society for the Study of Drug Policy, Bogota.
  • Lloyd, C. (2015). Researching drug interventions in and beyond prisons: DRWs and CRPs. BELSPO International Seminar, University of Ghent.
  • Lloyd, C. (2017). Reflections on the PROSPER and DRW evaluation results. Brussels: PROSPER Colloquium.
  • Lloyd, C. (2018). Stigmatisation of People who Use Drugs. Dublin: launch of the Stop the Stigma campaign.
  • Lloyd, C. (2018). Faltering Recovery: the British Experiment with Drug Recovery Wings. Vancouver: International Society of Drug Policy Annual Conference.

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Professor Charlie Lloyd
Director of the Graduate School Professor of Social Policy and Criminal Justice
School for Business and Society
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