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4x4 vehicle with microstrip setup

U‌sing the Microstrip test method on a 4x4 vehicle

Surface current on small car with emissions source inside

The surface current on a small car with an internal source of electromagnetic emissions

CISPR 12 Measurement plan view diagram

CISPR 12 Measurement setup

Microstrip V CISPR 12 error

Error in radiated emissions for CISPR 12 and Microstrip method compared with a full 360 degree scan with swept antenna height.

Automotive Radiated Emissions Test Methods

The current CISPR 12 method for vehicle radiated emissions has been shown to under estimate the maximum emissions by up to 30 dB due to limited scope of the test. In this project we are are working on an alternative method which improves the accuracy whilst still mainitining the fast measurement time.

The CISPR 12 method measures the radiated emissions only at two locations, which is the main cause of the error compared to a full 360 rotation of the antenna around the vehicle and and antenna height scan as used by many other non-automotive standards. The Microstrip method seems to be as simple as CISPR 12 whilst producing a more accurate result.



  • Max Paterson
  • John Dawson



  • York research database (Publications, Related Projects, etc.)
  • PhD Thesis: A Quantitative Study into the Errors in Measuring an Automotive Vehicle Radiated Emissions Signature Using the CISPR 12 Method, Max Paterson, 2019