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Past Conferences

Crusoe at 300: Adaptions, Afterlives & Futures 10-12 July 2019

Art as Commodities / Commodities as Art: An Interdisciplinary Conference 14 June 2019 

Small Things in the Eighteenth Century 6-7 June 2019

Peterloo at 200 16 March 2019

The Worlds of Maria Edgeworth: Networks, Influence and Reception 29-30 June 2018 
& Tales of Fashionable Life: A Work Based on Maria Edgeworth's The Absentee. 29 June 2018

Contested Inheritances, 1750-1830 28 October 2017

The Shelley Conference 15-16 September 2017 

BARS 2017: Romantic Improvement 27-30 July 2017

Consuming Animals Conference 17-18 March 2017

Being Citizens, 1775-1832 3 December 2016

“First Impressions”: Faces, clothes, and bodies, 1600-1800 10 November 2016

The Northern European Country House 20-21 September 2016

Sheridan, Theatre and Public Opinion workship and conference 17-18 June 2016

Domesticating the Exotic, Exoticising Gender 5 March 2016

Difficult Women 27-28 November 2015

Anglo-Italian Conference 2-3 September 2015

Disseminating Dress: Britain and the World 28-30 May 2015

Waterloo: Representation and Memory, 1815-2015 26-28th June 2015

Waterloo 200: public lecture series April-May 2015

Networks of Improvement: British Literary Clubs and Societies, 1760-1840 13-14 March 2015

Anglo-Scottish Relations in the Eighteenth Century 1 November 2014

Portraiture: Exchanges, Debates and Performances, 1700-1842. 28th June 2014

Sound Words, Strange Tattoos, and Unbounded Attachments: A colloquium to celebrate the work of Harriet Guest 17 May 2014  

Rethinking the Grand Tour 8 March 2014 CECS blog report

Sociability and Print Culture 9 November 2013

International Conference and Arts Festival Encounters, Affinities, Legacies: the Eighteenth Century in the Present Day 28-29 June 2013Andrew McInnes report (MS Word , 27kb)

Medical Matters: The Cultural Politics of the Body in Eighteenth-century Britain 9th March 2013

Tourism in Yorkshire in the Eighteenth Century : a Workshop 8th December 2012

John Barrell Symposium 3rd November 2012

Desiring Fashion: The Consumption and Dissemination of Dress, 1750-1850 23 June 2012, convened by Serena Dyer

Landscape and the Local: a Workshop 9th June 2012, convened by Professor Tim Clark

Cultures of Collection 10th March 2012. CECS Day Conference.

The Grand Tour in Britain and Ireland 3rd December 2011 . CECS Autumn Workshop

Placing Faces: The Portrait and the Country House in the Long Eighteenth Century 11th June 2011. CECS postgraduate day conference.

British  Art 1660-1735: Close Readings. 20th May 2011. Held at Tate Britain

Writing Marginal Lives  8th January 2011 

London Scenes 4th December 2010

Revisiting British Art, 1660-1730  7th May 2010

Religion, India and the Long Eighteenth Century  6th February 2010

Second Anglo-Franco-Irish Eighteenth-century Societies Conference: France, Great Britain and Ireland: Cultural transfers and the circulation of knowledge in the Age of Enlightenment. 10-12 September 2009

A Conversation about Mary Wollstonecraft: A one-day symposium to mark the 250th anniversary of her birth 6th June 2009 

Living with the Royal Academy: Artistic Ideals and Experiences in Britain, 1768-1848 8-9 November 2008

War, Empire and Slavery, c. 1790-1820 16-18 May 2008

The World and Lady Mary: Gender, Medicine, and Culture in the Time of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu c.1690-1770 1-2 April 2008

Gender and Empire 1763-1815 1 December 2007

Books on the Battlefield: The reception, appropriation, and use, of texts in warfare, 1450 to the present 2-3 November 2007

Blake at 250: Celebrating the 250th Anniversary of the Birth of William Blake 30 July - 1 August 2007

Abolitions, 1807-2007: Ending the Slave Trade in the Transatlantic World 12-14 April 2007

John Thelwall (1764-1834) 10 March 2007

Making Faces: New Approaches to Georgian Portraiture 17th-18th November 2006

Mutual Perceptions of Britain and Italy in the Eighteenth Century. BRITISH AND ITALIAN SOCIETIES FOR EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY STUDIES in association with CECS. 29 - 30 September 2006

The Eighteenth Century Now: Recent and Future Directions. BSECS/CECS Postgraduate Conference. 23rd-24th June 2006

Eighteenth Century White Rose Postgraduate Conference 2006 1st April 2006

Antiquarianism and Cultural Politics 11 March 2006

Bringing the Empire Home 19 November 2005

Women's Letters 1750-1850 4th June 2005

Cross-Referencing Revolutions: The Politics of International Comparison, 1780-1830 11th December 2004

Romantic Textuality: 1770-1835 (BARS/CECS) 13th November 2004

Women and the British Country House, 1650-1850 14th-16th May 2004

The Enterprizing Artist: William Hodges in Britain, India and the South Seas Saturday 28th February 2004

London Encounters: Interactions with the Metropolis 1750-1837 Saturday 24th January 2004

The Impolite Eighteenth Century Saturday 15th November 2003

Writing History in the Eighteenth Century Saturday 1st February 2003

The Englishness of English Art? Painting, Aesthetics and Nationhood 1760-1824 Saturday 30th November 2002

Romantic Performances (BARS/CECS) Saturday 2nd November 2002

Literary Unveilings: The Poetics of Knowledge in the Long Eighteenth Century (CECS postgraduates) 19th October 2002

Eighteenth-Century Orientalisms Saturday 9 March 2002

Spies and Surveillance in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Saturday 19 January 2002

Exhibition: Art, Display and the 18th Century Saturday 28th April 2001

Bluestockings: Women, Writing and The Politics of Sociability Saturday 10th March 2001

New Approaches to William Blake  Sunday 10th December 2000

Robert Bloomfield Symposium 24th June 2000

Private Affections, Cultures of Sentiment 1750-1850 6th May 2000

Imperialism, Domesticity and the Private 1750-1850 6th November 1999

Dreams of the Millennium 1650-1850 19th June 1999

Representations of the Clergy 27th February 1999

Popular Culture and the Politics of Genre Saturday 14 March 1998