Research Seminars

Seminars begin at 4.30 p.m. and are held in King’s Manor, Room KG07 (the Stephen Copley Room), except when otherwise indicated below.

Spring Term 2018

16 January (Week 2)
Richard Whatmore (University of St Andrews)
The end of Enlightenment
4.30pm K/G07

30 January (Week 4)
Markman Ellis (QMUL)
The tea-table, women, and gossip:
Heterosociability and the public sphere in early eighteenth-century Britain
4.30pm K/G07

13 February (Week 6)
Manushag Powell (Purdue University)
Mapping piracy in Defoe
4.30pm K/G07

27 February (Week 8)
Kathleen Lubey (St. John’s University)
Looking backward at eighteenth-century English pornography
4.30pm K/G07

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