Research Seminars

Seminars begin at 4.30 p.m. and are held in King’s Manor, Room KG07 (the Stephen Copley Room), except when otherwise indicated below.

Summer Term 2017

Tuesday 25 April (Week 2) at 5pm

Nick Treuherz, University of York

‘Are you talking to me? Questions of audience in Voltaire’s Letters Concerning the English Nation or Philosophical Letters?’


Tuesday 9 May (Week 4) at 4:30pm

Mary Peace, Sheffield Hallam University

‘The Magdalens and the Performance of Virtue: Kelly, Sterne and Crebillon’


Tuesday 23 May (Week 6) at 4:30pm

Anne Vila (University of Wisconsin)

"Dangerous Spectacles:  the Convulsionnaires and the Anti-Philosophical Movement in 1760s Paris"


Tuesday 6 June (Week 8) at 4:30pm

Tita Chico (University of Maryland)

‘The Experimental Imagination: Literary Knowledge and Science in the British Enlightenment’


Spring Term 2017

Tuesday 17 January (Week 2)

Katharina Boehm (Universität Regensburg)

Crafting the Past in Sarah Scott’s Millenium Hall



Tuesday 31 January (Week 4)

Adam Budd (University of Edinburgh)

Publishing, Patronage, and the Library of Liberty: Andrew Millar and Thomas Hollis in 1765



Tuesday 14 February (Week 6)

Ilya Berkovich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München)

The Army of Joseph II and the Coming of the French Revolutionary Wars



Tuesday 28 February (Week 8)

Kate Smith (University of Birmingham)

Confronting Loss in Eighteenth- and Early Nineteenth-Century Britain



Autumn Term 2016

Tuesday 4 October (Week 2)
Cynthia Wall
(University of Virginia)
Grammars of Approach: Landscape, Narrative, and the Linguistic Picturesque

Tuesday 18 October (Week 4)
Jennie Batchelor
(University of Kent)
‘To cherish female ingenuity and to conduce to female improvement’: the Lady's and the birth of the woman’s magazine

Tuesday 1 November (Week 6)
Joanna Norman
Representing Interior Spaces: Two eighteenth-­ÔÇÉcentury period rooms at the V&A

Tuesday 15 November (Week 8)
John Chu
(Courtauld Institute/National Trust)
Drawn Indoors: John Constable’s idle works

Tuesday 29 November (Week 10)
Eric Parisot
(Flinders University, Adelaide)
Laughing at John Damer: The Reformative Ethics of George Coleman's The Suicide, A Comedy (1778)


Summer Term 2016

Tuesday 19 April (Week 2)
Geoff Quilley (University of Sussex)
Inside empire looking out: the view from Dent's veranda

Tuesday 3 May (Week 4)
Leigh Wetherall-Dickson (Northumbria University)
“To Keep my name in capitals, like Kean”:
‘A New Canto’, Caroline Lamb and notoriety

Tuesday 17 May (Week 6)
Susan Snell (Museum of Freemasonry, London)
An insight into Eighteenth century masonic mystery: using resources at the Library and Museum of Freemasonry to uncover relationships, ritual and reason

Tuesday 31 May (Week 8)
Elaine McGirr (Royal Holloway)
Celebrity Parts: from Nell Gwyn’s breasts to Colley Cibber’s shirts


Spring Term 2016

Tuesday 12 January
Koji Yamamoto (CRAASH, Cambridge)
'The speculation that dared not speak its name: James Brydges the first duke of Chandos during the South Sea Bubble'

Tuesday 26 January
Clare Haynes (UEA)
'Faithful Representation or Deist propaganda? William Hogarth’s narrative of Christ’s Ascension in its artistic and theological contexts'

Tuesday 9 February
Amy Garnai (Tel Aviv University)
'Thomas Holcroft’s Diary'

Tuesday 23 February
Richard Taws (UCL)
'Conté’s Machines: Drawing, Atmosphere, and Erasure in Post-Revolutionary France'


Autumn Term 2015

Tuesday 6th October 
 Jim Walvin (University of York),
'Slavery in Small Things'

Tuesday 20th October
Ted Royle (University of York),
'The Yorkshire Election of 1807'

Tuesday 3rd November
Clara Tuite (University of Melbourne) 
'Lord Byron's Preposterous Liberalism'

Tuesday 10th November
Arianne Chernock (Boston University)
 'The Radicalism of Female Rule in Enlightenment Britain'

Tuesday 8th December
Cynthia Wall (university of Virginia)
'Grammars of Approach: Landscape, Print, and Narrative' 


Summer Term 2015

CECS Waterloo public lectures

Spring Term 2015

Tuesday 13 January
Rebekah Higgitt (Kent)
'A "small invisible man": Putting Nevil Maskelyne on display in Greenwich

Tuesday 17 February
Richard Ansell (York)
'Travel and family strategy in the late 17th century: the Percevals of Co. Cork'

Tuesday 24 February
John Brewer (Caltech)
'Sublime Tourism, Neapolitan Science and Counter-Revoltuion: Vesuvius and Pompeii in the late 18th and early 19th century'

Tuesday 3 March
James Davey ( National Maritime Museum)
'The Birth of Naval History: Audience and objectivity in 18th Century historical writing'

Tuesday 10 March
Jan Loop (Kent)
'The sacred and the profane: European oriental Scholars and the interpretations of religious rituals'



Autumn Term 2014

21 October 2014
Dr Hannah Williams (St John's College, Oxford)
'Rethinking Religion in 18th-century Paris'

28 October 2014
Dr Ted Vallance (Roehampton University)
'"This shall control the Female Pow'r/ And fix the British Crown secure." Women, politics and the 1723 oath to George 1'

25 November 2014
Professor Ian Haywood (Roehampton University)
'Pandemonium: the soundscapes of radicalism'


Summer Term 2014

29 April 2014
Dr Richard Johns, University of York
'The Sea Triumph of Charles II'  

13 May 2014
Dr Laura Kirkley, Newcastle University
‘Rational Marriage and Erotic Love: Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Thomas Holcroft, and Isabelle de Montolieu's Caroline de Lichtfield’  

27 May 2014
Dr Ian Newman, University of Notre Dame
‘Captain Morris in Full Glee, Or, The Poetics of Conviviality’  

3 June 2014
Professor Philip Dwyer, University of Newcastle, Australia
‘The Return of the Mummy: Napoleon’s Funeral, History and the July Monarchy’


Spring Term 2014

Tuesday 14 January
Guy Beiner (Ben-Gurion University)
'Forgetting 1798: The struggle over "living memory" in Ulster'

Tuesday 28 January
Peter Sabor (McGill University)
'Pursuing and Publishing Frances Burney d'Arblay's Journals and Letters, 1768-1840'

Tuesday 11 February
Natasha Glaisyer (University of York)
'Discovering frauds: Corruption, informing and print culture in the late 17th- and early 18th-century England'

Tuesday 25 February
Emma Barker (Open University)
'Painting the Bourgeosie: Chardin and the Domestic Woman'

Autumn Term 2013

Tuesday 15 October
Jim Chandler (University of Chicago)
Afterthoughts on Sentiment, Forethoughts on Melodrama

Tuesday 22 October
Fiona Stafford (University of Oxford)

Tuesday 5 November
Greg Dart (UCL)
The Romantic Essay and the City

Tuesday 12 November
Jon Mee (University of York)
Thomas Hardy, Politics, Religion, and 'public' discourse in the 1790s

Tuesday 26 November
Donald William Stewart  Dòmhnall Uilleam Stiùbhart (University of Edinburgh)
paper title to come

















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