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Forum organisers:  Frances Long (, Alice Rhodes ( & Lilian Tabois (

All welcome.  If you are interested in presenting your research into any aspect of the long eighteenth century, please contact the organisers.

The Postgraduate forum meets on the following dates (4.30pm - King's Manor K/G07)

Spring term 2019

5 FEBRUARY Elizabeth Potter (University of York) - 'Girls of mild silver, or of furious gold’: Colonial Jewelry in John Gabriel Stedman and William Blake’s ‘Europe supported by Africa & America’

12 FEBRUARY Daniel Gane (Newcastle University) - The journals of Pacific exploration in the eighteenth century: disputing the articulation of the ocean and the mariner

19 FEBRUARY Will Burgess (Queen Mary University of London) - ‘A work of time’: the material decay and notional permanence of the Cotton Library

5 MARCH Kurt Baird (University of York) - 'Halt ein, Kamerad! Um Gottes willen halt ein! Es ist mein Hauptmann!': The representation of the Habsburg Common Soldier in Popular Print Culture, 1785-1815


"...postgraduates have used the Forum as the occasion for giving their first papers, taking advantage of the warmly supportive – but constructively critical – nature of the Forum to build their confidence in publicly discussing their work"