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All welcome.  If you are interested in presenting your research into any aspect of the long eighteenth century, please contact the organisers.

Autumn term 2017
The Postgraduate forum meets on the following dates (4.30pm - King's Manor K/G07)

Tuesday 10 October
Alexandra Anderson (University of Leeds)
"The Influence of the Epic Genre in Eighteenth-Century History Writing"

Tuesday 24 October
James Smith (University of York)
"The Reform Debates of 1830-32: A 'Four Nations' Approach"

Tuesday 31 October
Hannah Moss (University of Sheffield)
"The Death of the Artist: Memento Mori in Mary Hamilton’s Munster Village (1778) & Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (1818)"

Tuesday 21 November
Alice Rhodes (University of York)
"Erasmus Darwin's Speaking Machine"

Tuesday 28th November
Lizzie Rogers (University of Hull)
"Living in the (Eighteenth Century) Material World: Female Collectors, Enlightenment Education and the Country House"







"...postgraduates have used the Forum as the occasion for giving their first papers, taking advantage of the warmly supportive – but constructively critical – nature of the Forum to build their confidence in publicly discussing their work"