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Forum organisers:  Frances Long (, Alice Rhodes ( & Lilian Tabois (

All welcome.  If you are interested in presenting your research into any aspect of the long eighteenth century, please contact the organisers.

The Postgraduate forum meets on the following dates (4.30pm - King's Manor K/G07)

Autumn term 2018

9 October - Millie Schurch (University of York): 'Empiricism, Epistolarity and Landscapre in Elizabeth Montagu's Correspondence' 

30 October - Holly Hirst (Manchester Metropolitan University): 'The Theo-aesthetics of the Early British Gothic: Rejoice or Tremble?'

6 November - Nicholas Dunn-McAfee (University of Oxford): 'Unsure Shores: Uncertain Orientalism in Lord Byron's The Giaour (1813) and The Bride of Abydos (1814)' 

13 November - Joe Stanley (Sheffield Hallam University): 'Agency, Resistance, and Popular Protest during the 1818 West Riding Miners' Strike'

27 November - Miguel Angel-Gaete (University of York): 'Encounters with Naturvölker: German Traveller Artists and the Anthropological Depiction of Inhabitants of Chile Throughout the Nineteenth Century'



"...postgraduates have used the Forum as the occasion for giving their first papers, taking advantage of the warmly supportive – but constructively critical – nature of the Forum to build their confidence in publicly discussing their work"