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Fifth Anglo-Italian Eighteenth-Century conference

Wednesday 2 September 2015, 9.30AM to 5.00pm 3rd Sept

Promoted by the Italian and British Societies for Eighteenth-Century Studies -SISSD/BSECS


The Italian and British Societies for Eighteenth Century Studies are proud to announce the Fifth in their series of International Conferences.  The Conference will be held under the auspices of the Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies at the King’s Manor in the University of York. The Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies in the University of York is widely regarded as one of the most distinguished Centres for eighteenth century studies in Europe and in 2011 proved to be an Ideal location for the Third Conference.

The main theme of the 2015 Conference will be 'Politics' in the extended senses: institutional, personal, national, local, structural. In recent decades Politics has been seen in the context of commerce, consumption, travel, fashion and reading.  Furthermore, the presentation of Politics has aroused much interest: in novels, poetry, art, theatre, aesthetics, and, not least, ritual. Politics is inevitably linked to journalism, periodical and essay writing, the development of new genres and the place of the literary market more generally. And there remains, as ever, the issue of the reception to politics, political writing and political philosophy. The possibilities are almost endless.



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‌Registration includes attendance at conference, lunches, refreshments and wine reception.  It does not include accommodation or the conference dinner. 


PROGRAMME (updated June 2015)

printable programme Anglo-Italian Conf 2015 (PDF , 24kb)

To be held in the Huntingdon Room suite, K/122, at the King's Manor‌

Wednesday, 2 September

9:30     Registration

10:30   Welcome Jon Mee (Director of the University York Centre for Eighteenth Century Studies)

11:15-12.30  Session 1 — Translating Ann Radcliffe’s The Italian in the Eighteenth Century

  •  John Dunkley (University of Aberdeen) André Morellet: Bringing the Inquisition to Order
  •  Rosamaria Loretelli (University of Naples “Federico II”) Giovanni De Coureil: Erasing the Inquisition

12:45   Buffet Lunch

14.00-15.45    Session 2 — Translations and Cultural Transactions (2): Economic Theory and the Law

  • Stefano Adamo(Banja Luka University) Recovering Unnoticed Ideas: On the English Translation of Davanzati’s “Lezione delle Monete”
  •  Lidia De Michelis (University of Milan) “Una rete immensa lega tutte le verità”:  Cesare Beccaria’s Lectures on Public Economy and Sylvester Douglas’s Translation of His “Discourse on Public Economy and Commerce”
  • Fabrizio Simon (University of Palermo) Rights, Distribution of Wealth and Happiness. The Constitutional Ideal of Justice of Gaetano Filangieri

15:45  Tea

16.15-18.00  Session 3 — The Politics of Taste: Music, Art and Gardening

  • Francesca Orestano (University of Milan) Gardening politics: Ercole Ghirlanda Silva
  • Lily Kass (University of Pennsylvania) British Patriotism Sung in the Italian Style
  • Elena Carrelli (University of Rome “La Sapienza”) Collecting and Art Politics in Eighteenth Century Naples. Sir William Hamilton’s Protegé: Pietro Fabris

 19.30   Informally arranged conference dinner (please note it is not included in the registration fee)


Thursday, 3 September

 9:15-11.00  Session 4 — Literary Intersections

  • Andrea Penso (University of Padua) Vincenzo Monti’s Poetry at the Service of the Political Power
  • Barbara Witucki (Utica College) The Tyranny of Tyrannies: Burney’s “The Wanderer”
  • Elizabeth A. Pallitto (Rutgers University) Gather Ye Violets: Dante’s Gift of Matilda’s Flowers to Percy Shelley and Mary Shelley

11:00  Coffee

11.30-12.45  Session 5 — The Cultural Politics of Travel

  • Andrea Benedetti (University of Urbino) “Freedom” and “Revolution”: Two Political Topoi in English and German Travel Literature Before and After the French Revolution, As Exemplified by William Coxe, Wilhelm Heinrich Wackenroder and Ludwig Tieck
  • Manuela D’Amore (University of Catania) The Politics of Learned Travel in the Enlightenment: The Royal Society, “Philosophical Transactions”, and the Grand Tour of the Italian South

 12:45  Buffet Lunch

14:00-16.00  Session 6 — Politics, Networks and Power 

  • Salvatore Bottari (University of Messina) British Maritime Networks of Commerce and Power: the Case of Sicily in the Second Half of the Eighteenth Century
  • Anastasia Nikolopoulou (University of Cyprus) The “Multitude,” Spectacle, and Academic Criticism
  • Alessandra Palidda (Cardiff University) Milan, Its Governor and Its Theatre: Ferdinand of Habsburg-Este and the Construction of La Scala
  • Lorenzo Rustighi (University of Padua) Law, Customs and Population: the Roots of Sade's Political Thought

16:00  Tea

16:30  Conclusions 


Scientific Committee

Frank O’Gorman


Lidia De Michelis


Lia Guerra



Location: The King's Manor

Admission: By online registration