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Supplementary schools in England uncovered

Posted on 29 April 2016

Executive Director of the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education gave a talk at the Department in April.

The Department of Education was pleased to host Pascale Vassie, Executive director of the National Resource Centre for Supplementary Education in London.

Pascale gave an informative and insightful talk titled: “Supplementary schools: Academic achievement and the learning of fundamental British values”. She introduced and explained many noteworthy facts about the history of supplementary schools in England, how they function; how they complement mainstream schooling and the academic benefits they offer students who attend them. The presentation consisted of past projects, studies and reports about supplementary schools carried out by academics or charities or those commissioned by the Government. Future directions and unanswered questions about the impact and nature of these schools was also raised, leading to an interactive question and answer session at the end of the talk.

Pascale also had extensive discussions with members of staff after her talk, which were constructive and beneficial for a future project on supplementary schools that will be conducted by the Department. Professor Ian Davies, Leader of CRESJ (Centre for Education and Social Justice) convened the talk.

The Department of Education is delighted to be continuing to consult and discuss with Pascale on issues relating to supplementary schools, achievement, social justice in education and diversity.