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Research Lectures 2018 Economics Society

Thursday 1 November 2018, 5.00PM to 8.00pm

Speaker(s): Professor Karl Claxton Dr Joao Madeira

Following on from our Spring 2018 and Autumn 2017 events we are continuing with our 'research lecture' series by academic colleagues in the Economics Department, where the aim is to illustrate how the economics we teach is used in our own research, and the relevance of this research to the wider economy and society. We want to show how the kind of economics and econometrics our students are familiar with can be used to approach interesting research questions and get useful results. In addition we want to support greater academic community with our students, and for our students to see why we are so excited about our research, and to share this with our students.

This event is open to all our undergraduate and postgraduate students who are interested in finding out about the research we do here in the Economics Department and how our research impacts on the wider world around us.

Professor Karl Claxton:
How much can the NHS afford to pay for new drugs?

Karl will show how difficult but unavoidable decisions about access to new drugs can be made in an accountable and ethical way by asking whether the improvement in health outcomes they offer exceeds the improvement in health that would have been possible if the resources required had, instead, been made available for other health care activities that would benefit other NHS patients. Recent research has, for the first time, estimated the effects of changes in NHS expenditure on the health of all NHS patients. This research shows that the NHS is currently paying too much for new drugs. It means that more harm is being done to other patients when new drugs are approved for NHS use.

Dr. João Madeira:
Effects of monetary policy announcements on prices, output and financial markets.

João will show how central banks can have an impact on short to medium run output fluctuations even if the prices of goods are flexible. He will then explore how monetary policy announcements with unanimous vote differ from announcements with disagreement in the vote in terms of their impact on financial markets (stocks and bonds).

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Location: ARC Auditorium (ARC/014)

Admission: All undergraduate and postgraduate students