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Summer 2011 Seminar Schedule

27 April 2011 - Professor Matthias Sutter
University of Innsbruck
Title: What drives Taxi Drivers? A Field Experiment on Fraud in a Market for Credence Goods
1:15pm ARRC Auditorium

4 May 2011 - Professor Frank Windmeijer
University of Bristol
Title:  What's the Point of Class? Random Coefficients versus Latent Class Models.

11 May 2011 - Professor Klaus Abbink
(Joint with the School of PEP)
University of East Anglia
Title: The Dark Side
Abbink abstract (PDF , 148kb)

18 May 2011 - Dr. Peter Moffatt
University of East Anglia
Title: Mortgage Choice as a Natural Field Experiment on Choice Under Risk.
Moffatt paper (PDF , 528kb)

25 May 2011 - Professor Hashem Pesaran
University of Cambridge
Title: On Identification of Bayesian DSGE Models.
Pesaran paper (PDF , 299kb)

02 June 2011 (Thursday) - Professor Morten Ravn (Time: 13:15-14:45, Room: AEW/003)
Title: Fiscal Policy in an Expectations Driven Liquidity Trap.

08 June 2011 - Dr Nicolas Debarsy
University of Namur
Title: Interpreting Dynamic Space-time Panel Data Models.
Debarsy paper (PDF , 491kb)

15 June 2011 - Professor Francois Maniquet
UCL, Belgium
Title: Strategic Voting Under Proportional Representation: Why Vote for Centre Parties?

16 June 2011 (Thursday) - Professor Charles Goodhart
Title: The Role of Default in Macroeconomics.

21 June 2011 (Tuesday) - Professor Fausto Gozzi
Title: An Infinite Dimensional Dynamic Programming Approach to the Problem of Optimal Population Size with Finite Life.

22 June 2011 - Professor Joel Watson
University of California
Title (Provisional): Contractual Chains: Decentralized Contracting with Externalities.
Watson paper (PDF , 325kb)

28 June 2011 (Tuesday) - Professor Cheng Hsiao
University of Southern California
Title: Panel vs. Cross-section Data.
Hsiao abstract (PDF , 27kb)

Spring 2011 Seminar Schedule

21 January 2011 - Professor Nobuhiro Kiyotaki (Time: 15:15-16:45)
Princeton University
Title: Financial Intermediation and Credit Policy in Business Cycle Analysis Kiyotaki paper (PDF , 326kb)

2 February 2011 - Dr. Thomas Crossley (Time: 13:15-14:45)
University of Cambridge
Title: Cash by any other name? Evidence on the effect of labelling from the UK Winter Fuel Payment Crossley paper (PDF , 174kb)

9 February 2011 - Professor David Perez-Castrillo
Title: Smooth Multibidding Mechanisms Perez-Castrillo paper (PDF , 342kb)

16 February 2011 - Professor David Hendry
University of Oxford
Title: Empirical Economic Model Discovery and Theory Evaluation Hendry paper (PDF , 182kb)

23 February 2011 - Professor Robert Sugden
University of East Anglia
Title: Focal Points in Tacit Barganing Games Sugden Abstract (PDF , 220kb)

9 March 2011 - Professor Peter Dolton (Room: AEW/003)
Royal Holloway, University of London
Title: Lessons to Take Away? Is Fast Food a Factor in Childhood Obesity in the UK? Dolton-Abstract (PDF , 12kb)

11 March 2011 - Professor Peter Gottschalk (Room: AEW/003, Time: 13:15-14:45)
Boston College
Title: Gottschalk Abstract (PDF , 187kb)‌ 

Autumn 2010 Seminar Schedule

27 October 2010 - Dr. Siddhartha Bandyopadhyay
Title: Pre-electoral Coalitions and Post-election Bargaining
bandyopadhyay (PDF , 274kb)

3 November 2010 - Professor Sonia Bhalotra
University of Bristol
Title:  Where have all the young girls gone? On the rising trend in sex selection in India
bhalotra (PDF , 68kb)

10 November 2010 - Dr. Alistair Milne
City University London (Cass Business School)
Title:  Liquidity, Credit and Bank Money

17 November 2010 - Dr. Paolo Zaffaroni (Room: AEW/003)
Imperial Business School
Title: Optimality and Diversifiability of Mean Variance and Arbitrage Pricing Portfolios Zaffaroni (PDF , 322kb)

23 November 2010 - Marcus Miller (Time: 13:15-14:45, Room: AEW/104)
University of Warwick
Title: Riding for a Fall: Monopoly Banking with Hidden Tail Risk
Miller paper (PDF , 914kb)

24 November 2010 - Professor Ron Oaxaca (Time: 13:15-14:45)
University of Arizona
Title: Do You Receive a Lighter Prison Sentence Because You are a Woman or a White? An Economic Analysis of Federal Criminal Sentencing Guidelines
Paper (PDF , 339kb)

1 December 2010 - Professor Ingrid Van Keilegom
UCL, Belgium
Title: Goodness-of-fit tests for multiplicative models with dependent data
vankeilegom (PDF , 173kb)

8 December 2010 - Professor Robin Cubitt
University of Nottingham
Title: Common Reasoning in Games
Cubitt Outline (PDF , 51kb)

15 December 2010 - Professor Fred Schroyen
Title: Optimal Pricing and Capacity Choice for a Public Service Under Risk of Interruption
Schroyen (PDF , 274kb)

Summer 2010 Seminar Schedule

Wednesday 28 April 2010 - Andrew Clark (AEW/104)
Paris School of Economics
Title: Winning Big but Feeling no Better: The Effect of Lottery Prizes on Physical and Mental Health
Paper (PDF , 253kb)

Friday 14 May 2010 - John Roemer (AEW/104; Time 13:15 - 14:45)
Yale University
Title: A Dynamic Analysis of Human Welfare in a Warming Planet
Paper (PDF , 6,692kb)

Tuesday 18 May - Shelly Lundberg (Time: 16:15 - 17:45)
University of Washington
Title: Personality and Marital Surplus
Paper (PDF , 338kb)

Tuesday 25 May 2010 - Timothy Guinnane (Time: 13:15 - 14:45)
Yale University
Title: Legal form and the organization of firms: France, Germany, the UK and the US, 1892-1930

Wednesday 26 May 2010 - Raouf Boucekkine
University of Glasgow, UC Louvain
Title: Spatial dynamics and convergence: The spatial AK model
Paper (PDF , 319kb)

Wednesday 2 June 2010 - Gianpaolo Rossini
University of Bologna
Title: Input Production Joint Venture
Paper (PDF , 338kb)

Wednesday 9 June 2010 - Joao Santos Silva
University of Essex
Title: Regression towards the mode
Paper (PDF , 363kb)

Monday 14 June 2010 - Jim Cox (ARRC seminar room)
Title: Is There a Plausible Theory for Decision under Risk? A Dual Calibration Critique
Paper (PDF , 324kb)

Wednesday 23 June 2010 - David Wettsein
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev
Title: Egalitarian Equivalence under Asymmetric Information
Paper (PDF , 232kb)

Wednesday 30 June 2010 - Mathias Kifmann
University of Augsburg
Title: Quasi-Hyperbolic Discounting and the Demand for Long-Term Care Insurance
Paper (PDF , 142kb)

Thursday 8 July 2010 - Craig Gundersen
University of Illinois
Title: Identifying the Effects of Food Stamps on Child Health Outcomes When Participation is Endogenous and Misreported
Paper (PDF , 878kb)

Spring 2010 Seminar Schedule

Wednesday 27 January - Dimitrios Tsomocos
University of Oxford
Title: Analysis of Monetary & Financial Stability: A new Paradigm
Paper (PDF , 890kb)

Wednesday 3 February - Carlo Favero
Bocconi University & IGIER
Title: Demographic Trends, the Dividend/Price Ratio and the Predictability of Long-Run Stock Market Returns
Paper (PDF , 527kb)

Wednesday 10 February - Miltos Makris
University of Leicester
Title: Compulsive and Addictive Consumption (joint with Subir Bose, University of Leicester)
Paper (PDF , 270kb)

Wednesday 17 February - Ian Walker
Lancaster University
Title: Why is it so difficult to find an effect of class size?

Wednesday 24 February - Angelica Gonzalez
University of Edinburgh
Title: Board of Directors and the Cross-Section of Risk
Abstract (PDF , 19kb)

Wednesday 3 March 2010 - Maurice Salles
University of Caen
Title: Arrow and Sen Impossibilities Compared
Paper (PDF , 1,509kb)

Wednesday 10 March 2010 - Francis Bloch
Ecole Polytechnique
Title: Optimal Allocation of Durable Objects to Successive Agents
Paper (PDF , 465kb)

Thursday 11 March 2010 - Julian Jamison (ARRC Seminar Room, 13:15 to 14:45)
Yale University
Title: Linking Economic Games to Real-world Outcomes (joint paper with Dean Karlan)
Abstract (PDF , 4kb)

Autumn 2009 Seminar Schedule

Wednesday 21 October – Martyn Andrews
University of Manchester
Title: Work-sharing in reverse – evidence from Germany
Presentation (PDF , 268kb)

Wednesday 28 October 2009 – Frederico Martellosio
University of Reading
Title: Testing for Spatial Autocorrelation: the Regressors that Make the Power Disappear
Paper (PDF , 1,566kb)

Wednesday 4 November 2009 – Krishna Pendakur (Time 13:15)
Simon Fraser University
Title: "Children's Resources in Collective Households" (with Geoffrey Dunbar and Arthur Lewbel)
Paper (PDF , 223kb)

Wednesday 4 November 2009 – Yves Balasko, Jean-Marc Bonnisseau, Mich Tvede and Yiannis Vailakis
Universities of York, Paris I, Copenhagen, and Exeter
Title: "Roundtable on research subjects organized within the setup of the General Equilibrium Day in York (GEday)".
The speakers will present up to three research subjects each. These presentations will be followed by an open discussion between all participants.

Wednesday 11 November – Stephen Machin
University College London
Title: Private Schools and the Labour Market

Wednesday 18 November 2009 – Richard Priestley (Time 13:15)
BI, Norwegian School of Management
Title: Real Investment, Risk and Risk Dynamics
Paper (PDF , 231kb)

Wednesday 25 November 2009 – Nicholas Crafts (Time 13:15, Venue: AEW/105)
University of Warwick
Title: Making Sense of the Manufacturing Belt: Determinants of U.S. Industrial Location, 1880-1920
Paper (PDF , 294kb)

Wednesday 2 December 2009 – Claudio Piga
University of Loughborough
Title: The Circular City with Heterogenous Firm
Abstract (PDF , 5kb)

Wednesday 9 December 2009 – Campbell Leith
University of Glasgow
Title: Electoral Uncertainty, the Deficit Bias and the Electoral Cycle in a New Keynesian Economy
Paper (PDF , 474kb)

Tuesday 15 December 2009 – Christopher Baum
Boston College and DIW Berlin
Title: Corporate Liquidity Management and Future Investment Expenditures
Paper (PDF , 182kb)

Summer 2009 seminar schedule

CANCELLED Wednesday 6 May 2009 – Emanuel Kohlscheen
University of Warwick
Trade Credit and Sovereign Debt
Paper (PDF , 872kb)

Wednesday 13 May 2009 – Peter Hammond
University of Warwick
Characterising the Constrained Pareto Efficiency Properties of Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibria
Abstract (PDF , 20kb)

Wednesday 20 May 2009 – Sheri Markose
University of Essex
A Multi-Agent Model of RMBS, Credit Risk Transfer in Banks and Financial Stability: Implications for the Subprime Crisis

Wednesday 27 May 2009 – Jonathan Thomas
University of Edinburgh
Labour Contracts, Equal Treatment and Wage – Unemployment Dynamics
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)
Paper (PDF , 397kb)

Wednesday 3 June 2009 – Vasilis Sarafidis
University of Sydney
To Pool or not to Pool: A Partially Heterogeneous Alternative
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)

Wednesday 10 June 2009 – Andrew Oswald
*13:15 to 14:45 in room AEW/003*
University of Warwick
Happiness and Productivity
Paper (PDF , 401kb)

Wednesday 17 June 2009 – Gary Koop
University of Strathclyde
Modeling the Dynamics of Inflation Compensation
Paper (PDF , 187kb)

CANCELLED Wednesday 24 June 2009 – Raouf Boucekkine
University of Glasgow/Université Catholique de Louvain

Wednesday 1 July 2009 - Paul Frijters
Queensland University of Technology
The effect of mental health on labour force participation using deaths of friends as instruments
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)

Spring 2009 Seminar Schedule

Wednesday 21 January 2008 – Robert Sugden
(Joint with School of PEP)

University of East Anglia
How the market deals with incoherent preferences
Abstract (PDF , 21kb)

Wednesday 28 January 2009 – Odd Rune Straume
University of Minho
Regulation, generic competition and pharmaceutical prices: Theory and evidence from a natural experiment.
Paper (PDF , 324kb)

Wednesday 4 February 2009 – Antonio Nicolo (with Carmelo Rodriguez)
University of Padua
Feasibility constraints and protective behaviour in efficient kidney exchange.
Paper (PDF , 233kb)

Wednesday 11 February 2009 – Zack Miller
University of Missouri
Cointegrating Regressions with Messy Regressors: Missingness, Mixed Frequency, and Nonclassical Measurement Error
Paper (PDF , 315kb)

Wednesday 18 February 2009 – Violetta Dalla
Royal Holloway, University of London
The Taylor effect of asset returns: Stylized fact of finite-sample behaviour
Paper (PDF , 523kb)

Wednesday 25 February 2009 – Gabriel Talmain
University of Glasgow
Nelson-Plosser revisited: the ACF approach
Paper (PDF , 264kb)

Wednesday 4 March 2009 – Jagjit Chadha
University of Kent
Widening the net: the role of bank reserves in monetary policy analysis
Paper (PDF , 920kb)

Wednesday 11 March 2009 – Pieter Ruys
Tilburg University
The Design of Modes of Governance in the Health Care Sector
Paper (PDF , 291kb)

Wednesday 18 March 2009 – Davide La Torre
University Milan
Transitional Dynamics in a Growth Model with Government Spending, Technological Progress and Population Change
Paper (PDF , 288kb)

Autumn 2008 Seminar Schedule

Wednesday 22 October 2008 - Marc Fleurbaey
(Joint with School of PEP)

Universite Paris 5
What good is happiness?
Paper (PDF , 359kb)

Wednesday 29 October 2008 - Marianne Sensier
University of Manchester
Co-movements between US and UK stock prices: the rules of macroeconomic information and time-varying coincidental correlations
Abstract (external link)

Wednesday 5 November 2008 - Indraneel Dasgupta
University of Nottingham
'Living' wage, class conflict and ethnic stife
Paper (PDF , 150kb)

Wednesday 12 November 2008 - Bernard Fingleton
University of Strathclyde
The New Economic Geography wage equation versus a non-tested rival: spatial econometric approach

Wednesday 19 November 2008 - Stepana Lazarova (1:15pm in ATB/037)
Queen Mary University of London
Data-Driven Rate - Optimal Nonparametric Testing for the Absence of Serial Correlation
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)

Wednesday 26 November 2008 - Rongili Biswas
University of Eastern Piedmont
On the segregative properties of endogenous jurisdiction formation of a central government
Paper (PDF , 339kb)

Wednesday 3 December 2008 - Stefan Napel
University of Bayreuth
Aspirations, segregation and occupational choice
Paper (PDF , 281kb)

Wednesday 10 December 2008 - Kurt Brekke
University of Bergen
On the competitive effect of informative advertising
Abstract (PDF , 31kb)

Summer 2008 seminar schedule

Wednesday 23 April 2008 – Shaun Hargreaves-Heap
(Joint with the School of PEP)
University of East Anglia
Value of groups
Paper (PDF , 682kb)

Wednesday 30 April 2008 – Christos Kotsogiannis (with Robert Schwager)
University of Exeter
Accountability and fiscal equalization

Wednesday 7 May 2008 – Wulf Gaertner
(Joint with the School of PEP)
University of Osnabrueck
Equity Evaluations over Time and across Countries
Paper (PDF , 177kb)

Wednesday 14 May 2008 – Stephen Jenkins
Essex University
Did income inequality in the USA really increase during the 1990s?
Abstract (PDF , 23kb)

Wednesday 21 May 2008 – Thomas Crossley
University of Cambridge
Is the Elasticity of Intertemporal Substitution Constant?
Abstract (PDF , 21kb)

Wednesday 28 May 2008 – Javier Hualde
University of Navarra
Estimation of long-run parameters in unbalanced cointegration
Paper (PDF , 262kb)

Wednesday 4 June 2008 – Mich Tvede
University of Copenhagen
Jumps in asset prices: a general equilibrium explanation
Paper (PDF , 160kb)

Wednesday 11 June 2008 - Gareth Liu-Evans
Cardiff University
Refinement in estimation of linear models
Abstract (PDF , 6kb)

Spring 2008 seminar schedule

Wednesday 16th January – Iryan Kaminska at 1:15pm in C/A/102 (Chemistry block)
Bank of England
No-Arbitrage Structural Vector Autoregressive Model of the UK Yield Curve.
Paper (PDF , 468kb)

Wednesday 23th  January – Karl Taylor
Sheffield University
Social Interaction and Children’s Academic Test Scores: Evidence from the National child Development Study
Paper (PDF , 151kb)

Wednesday 30th January – Hans Dewchter

Wednesday 6th Februay – Giulia Iori
City University
Numerical and empirical analysis of interbank lending and systemic risk (based on 2 papers)
Systemic risk on the interbank market (PDF , 779kb)   & A network analysis of the Italian overnight money market (PDF , 595kb)

Wednesday 13th February – Christian Schubert
(Joint with the School of PEP)
Max Planck Institute, Jena
Adaptation and Want Formation: An Evolutionary Economics Perspective
Abstract (PDF , 9kb)

Wednesday 20th February - Mar Miralles
University of Exterenadura (Badajoz)
The role of liquidity in asset pricing
Abstract (PDF , 14kb)

Thursday 28th February - Franco Donzelli
University of Milan
Jevons, Jenkin and Walras on Demand-and-Supply Analysis in the Theory of Exchange
Paper (PDF , 349kb)
Abstract (PDF , 11kb)

Wednesday 5th March – Pedro Pita Barros
Universidade Nova de Lisboa
Is double coverage worth it? Evidence from Portuguese health subsystems
Paper (PDF , 28kb)

Wednesday  12th March – Davide La Torre
University of Milan
Solving inverse problems for deterministic and random differential equations using “generalized collage methods” with applications.
Paper 1 (PDF , 453kb)
Paper 2 (PDF , 210kb)
Paper 3 (PDF , 522kb)
Paper 4 (PDF , 287kb)

Autumn 2007 seminar schedule

Wednesday 17 October - Nigar Hashimzade (with Gareth D Myles)
University of Exeter
Announcement or Contribution? The Relative Efficiency of Manipulated Lindahl Mechanisms
Paper (PDF , 455kb)

Wednesday 24 October - Ian Crawford
University of Oxford and IFS
A Nonparametric Analysis of Habits Models
Paper (PDF , 271kb)

Wednesday 31 October - Mich Tvede

Wednesday 7 November - Avner Offer
(Joint with the School of PEP and CHERRY)
University of Oxford
British Manual Workers: From Producers to Consumers, c. 1950-2000

Wednesday 14 November - James Banks (with Jerome Adda and Hans-Martin van Gaudecker)
University College London
The Impact of Income Shocks on Health: Evidence from Cohort Data
Paper (PDF , 318kb)

Wednesday 21 November - Steffen Sorensen
Bank of England
Extracting Inflation Expectations and Inflation Risk Premia from the Term Structure: A Joint Model of the UK Nominal and Real Yield Curves
Abstract (PDF , 10kb)

Wednesday 28th November - Jeremy Lise
University College London and IFS
Title: Matching, Sorting and Wages
Abstract (PDF , 8kb)

Wednesday 5th December - Jo Thori Lind
University of Oslo
Title: Sources of Productivity Slowdown in European Countries During 1990s
Abstract (PDF , 11kb)

Monday 10th December - Ron Oaxaca(with Michael Ransom)
University of Arizona
New Market Power Models and Sex Differences in Pay
Abstract (PDF , 9kb)
Paper (PDF , 866kb)

Summer 2007 seminar schedule

Wednesday 2 May - Sushama Murty (with Charles Blackorby)
University of Warwick
Unit Versus Ad Valorem Taxes: The Private Ownership of Monopoly in General Equilibrium
Paper (PDF , 333kb)

Wednesday 9th May - Professor Richard Blundell CBE FBA (Ken Dixon Lecture Series)
Institute for Fiscal Studies and University College London
"Making Work Pay: Designing Tax and Welfare Policy for Low Income Families"
Followed by a drinks reception in the Physics Corridor


Wednesday 16 May - Gurleen Popli
University of Sheffield
Gender Wage Discrimination in Mexico: A Distributional Approach
Abstract (PDF , 58kb)

Thursday 17 May - Arthur Lewbel
Boston College
Identifying the Returns to Lying When the Truth is Unobserved

Wednesday 23 May - Christian Ghiglino
University of Essex
Random Walk to Innovation: Why Productivity Follows a Power Law
Paper (PDF , 239kb)

Wednesday 30 May - Nick Baigent
University of Graz
Almost Powerless Dictators
Paper (PDF , 115kb)

Wednesday 6 June- Jon Temple(with Mathan Satchi)
University of Bristol
Growth and Labour Markets in Developing Countries

Wednesday 13 June- Karl Shell(with Luís Aguiar-Conraria)
Cornell University
Capital Gains
Paper (PDF , 700kb) | Background Reading

Wednesday 20 June - Chen Menggen
Peking University
The Risk-Return Tradeoff in Emerging Stock Markets: Evidence from China
Paper (PDF , 189kb)

Monday 25 June - Allan Zebedee(with Anurag Gupta and Ajai Singh)
San Diego State University
Liquidity in the Pricing of Syndicated Loans
Paper (PDF , 562kb)

Spring 2007 seminar schedule

Tuesday 9 January - Ilan Cooper
Norweigian School of Management
Investment Irreversibility, Real Activity and Asset Return Dynamics
Paper (PDF , 236kb)

Wednesday 17 January - Kin Binmore
Joint with School of Politics, Economics & Philosophy
University College London
Natural Justice
Paper (PDF , 209kb)

Wednesday 31 January - Pablo Beker with Subir Chattopadhyay
Universidad de Alicante
Economic Survival When Markets are Incomplete
Paper (PDF , 538kb)

Wednesday 14 February - Switgard Feuerstein
University of Nottingham & University of Erfurt
Price Discrimination in Oligopolies with Best-Response Asymmetry
Paper (PDF)

Wednesday 21 February - Andrew Mountford
Royal Holloway, University of London
Trading Population for Productivity
Paper (PDF , 439kb)

Thursday 22 February - Rudrani Bhattacharya
Indian Statistical Institute
Human Capital, Dynamic Preference and Endogenous Transition from Primitive Agriculture to Industrial Mass Production: Three Stages of Economic Development.
Paper (PDF , 78kb)

Wednesday 28 February - Ignacio Ortunyo with Klaus Desmet, Michel Le Breton and Shlomo Weber
Universidad de Alicante
Nation Formation and Genetic Diversity
Paper (PDF , 347kb)

Friday 9 March - Jeffery G Williamson (The Charles Feinstein Public Lecture)
(Joint with CHERRY)

Harvard University
Globalization, De-Industrialization and Divergence in the Third World
More information (PDF , 8kb)

Wedneday 14 March - Dustin Chambers
Salisbury University
What the Data Says About Capital Accumulation, Inequality, and Growth
Paper (PDF , 142kb)

Autumn 2006 seminar schedule

Wednesday 18 October - Rob Taylor
University of Nottingham
Simple, Robust and Powerful Tests of The Breaking Trend Hypothesis
Abstract (PDF , 67kb)

Wednesday 18 October - Bill Boardman
Contraception in a Paper Wage Economy
Abstract (PDF , 65kb)

Wednesday 25 October - Graham Loomes
University of East Anglia
Why There May Be No General, Rational and Descriptively Adequate Theory of Decision Under Risk
Paper (PDF , 280kb)

Wednesday 1 November - M. Shahid Ebrahim
University of Nottingham
Pension Fund Design: A General Equilibrium Exposition
Abstract (PDF , 70kb)

Wednesday 8 November - Sanjay Banerji
University of Durham
Moral Hazard, Precautionary Savings and Capital Accumulation
Abstract (PDF , 8kb)

Wednesday 15 November - Kostas Koufopoulos
Warwick Business School
Existence and Efficiency of Nash Equilibria in Insurance Markets with Adverse Selection
Abstract (PDF , 7kb)

Wednesday 29 November - Piero Gottardi joint with Antonio Gabrales
University of Venice
Markets for Information
Abstract (PDF , 9kb)

Wednesday 6 December - Prasanta Pattanaik with Indraneel Dasgupta
University of California, Riverside.
Revealed Preference and Stochastic Demand Correspondence
Abstract (PDF , 8kb)

Summer 2006 seminar schedule

Wednesday 26 April - Luciano Greco
Università degli Studi di Padova
The Optimal Design of Funded Pension Plans: Unbundling Financing and Investment

Thursday 27 April - Roberto Weber
Carnegie Mellon University visiting the Institut d'Anàlisi Econòmica (IAE)
Reflective Learning and Transfer of Learning in Games Played Repeatedly without Feedback

Wednesday 10 May - John Pencavel with Niny Khor
Stanford University
Income Disparities and Income Mobility in China and the United States

Wednesday 17 May - Arthur Lewbel
Boston College
Simple Estimaters for Hard Problems: Endogeneity in Discrete Choice and Selection Models

Wednesday 24 May - Steve Turnovsky
University of Washington
The Dynamics of Wealth and Income Distribution in a Neoclassical Growth Model

Wednesday 31 May - Jan Sand with Derek J Clark
University of Tromso
Endogenous Technology Sharing in R&D Intensive Industries

Wednesday 7 June - Øystein Foros
Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration
Do Slotting Allowances Harm Retail Competition

Friday 9 June - Muriel Niederle with Lise Vesterlund
Stanford University
Do Women Shy Away from Competition? Do Men Compete Too Much?

Wednesday 14 June - Manipushpak Mitra with Suresh Mutuswami
Indian Statistical Institute
Group Strategyproofness in Queueing Models

Wednesday 21 June - Gilles Chemla
Imperial College London
The Dynamic Trade-Off Theory with Real Investment: An Analytical Approach

Wednesday 28 June - Gaia Garino
University of Leicester
The Impact of Anti-Discrimination Legislation: Theory and Policy

Spring 2006 seminar schedule

Wednesday January 18 - Daniel Zizzo
University of East Anglia
Inferential Expectations

Wednesday February 8 - Peter Davis
London School of Economics
A Flexible Discrete Choice Model of Demand for Differentiated Products

Monday February 13 - A/TB/056&057 at 17:30 Dixon Lecture by Lord Desai - Labour Peer and internationally renown economist followed by a drinks in Cafe Barista
London School of Economics
Can poverty be made history?

Wednesday February 15 - Miguel Delgado with Winfried Stute
London School of Economics
Distribution Free Specification Tests of Conditional Models

Wednesday February 22 - Jaideep Roywith Sujoy Chakravarty
University of Warsaw
Risk, Ambiguity, Gains and Losses

Wednesday March 1 - Ray Rees with Patricia Apps
University of Munich
Repeated Optimal Nonlinear Income Taxation

Wednesday March 8 - Stephen Pollock
Queen Mary College
Time Frequency Analysis in Econometrics

Thursday March 9 - Kit Baum with Mustafa Caglayan, Andreas Stephen and Oleksandr Talavera
Boston College
Uncertainty Determinants of Corporate Liquidity

Wednesday March 15 - Anna Maria Menichini with D Fabbri
University of Salerno and CSEF
In Kind Finance, Collateral and Cheap Trade Credit

Autumn 2005 seminar schedule

Wednesday October 19 - Lucio Sarno
Warwick Business School
The Forward Bias Puzzle and Nonlinearity in Deviations from Uncovered Interest Parity: A New Perspective

Wednesday October 26 - Wouter Denhaan
London Business School
Temporary Shocks and the Unavoidable Road to High Taxes and High Unemployment

Wednesday November 2 - Dong Heon Kim
University of Manchester
Nonlinearity in Term Structure

Wednesday November 9 - Joel Mokyr
Northwestern University
Mobility, Creativity, and Technological Development: David Hume, Immanuel Kant and the Economic Development of Europe

Wednesday November 16 - Jan Potters with Sigrid Suetens
University of Tilburg
Strategic interaction, externalities and cooperation: experimental evidence

Wednesday November 23 - John Bennett with Saul Estrin
Brunel University
Corruptibility, Transparency, and (De-)Centralisation of the Bureaucracy

Wednesday November 30 - Paul Mosley with Abrar Suleiman
University of Sheffield
Can Overseas Aid Reduce Poverty?

Wednesday December 7 - Luis Costa with Paulo Brita and Huw Dixon
ISEG, Technical University of Lisbon and UECE
Business Cycles with Endogenous Mark-ups

Wednesday December 14 - Daniel Read
University of Durham
Empirical Studies of Intertemporal Choice: Method and Interpretation

Summer 2005 seminar schedule

Wednesday June 29 - Jihong Lee with Hamid Sabourian
Birbeck, University of London
Efficiency in Negotiation: Complexity and Costly Bargaining

Wednesday June 15 - Parimal Bag (with Hamid Sabourian and Eyal Winter)
University of Surrey
Sequential Elimination vs. Instantaneous Voting

Monday June 13 - Dixon Lecture by Nick Crafts - Professor of Economic History at 17:30 in P/L/001, followed by a drinks reception in the Physics Corridor
London School of Economics
Cornucopia?: What has Technological Change really Meant for British Living Standards?

Wednesday June 8 - Basudeb Chaudhuri (with Hélène Chevrou-Séverac and Velayoudom Marimoutou)
University of Caen
Growth and Convergence Clubs in Indian States, 1965-2000

Wednesday June 1 - Dipjyoti Majumdar in A/EW/104
Concordia University
Ordinally Bayesian Incentive Compatible Stable Matchings

Thursday May 26 - Giovanni Barone-Adesi (with R Engle and L Mancini) in A/TB057 at 5:15pm
Universita della Svizzera italiana
GARCH Options in Incomplete Markets

Wednesday May 25 - David Hendry
Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Resolving Model Selection in Five 'Intractable' Settings

Thursday May 19 - Arunava Sen (with Manipushpak Mitra) in A/EW104 at 4:15pm
Indian Statistical Institute
Efficient Allocation of Commodities with Balanced Transfers

Wednesday May 18 - Salih Nefci
City University of New York
Commodity Price Risk, Low Income Countries and Hedging Instruments

Monday May 16 - Massimo Guidolin (with A Timmermann) in ARRC Auditorium at 4:15pm
Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
International Asset Allocation Under Regime Switching, Skew and Kurtosis Preferences

Wednesday May 11 - Anirban Kar (with Ozgur Kibris)
University of Warwick
Allocating Multiple Estates among Agents with Single-Peaked Preferences

Wednesday May 4 - Christian Haefke (with Monique Ebell) in A/EW/104
Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Endogenous Union Formation and Product Market Regulation

Wednesday April 27- Tomasz Zastawniak
University of Hull
Pricing and Hedging American Options Under Transaction Costs

Spring 2005 seminar schedule

Monday April 4 - Marji Lines 2:30pm - 4:30pm in RC/010
University of Udine
Lecture: Computational Exploration of Economic Models

Wednesday March 16 - Jennifer Roberts with Nigel Rice and Andrew Jones
Sheffield Health Economics Group
Health and Retirement in the UK: Duration Analysis of the British Household Panel Survey

Wednesday March 9 - Catherine Eckel with Rick K Wilson
University of Virginia
Detecting Trustworthiness: Does Beauty Confound Intuition?
8 March: Lecture 1 "Gender and Earnings: Insights from the Lab"
Computer Training/EXEC Lab (RC/107) from 2:15pm to 4:15pm
10 March: Lecture 2 "Measuring Risk Aversion"
Computer Training/EXEC Lab (RC/107) from 2:15pm to 4:15pm

Wednesday March 2 - Andrew Patton
London School of Economics
Volatility Forecast Evaluation and Comparison Using Imperfect Volatility Proxies>

Wednesday February 2 - Andrew Oswald in A/EW/104 with Gordon Brown, Jonathan Gardner and Jing Qian
University of Warwick
Does Wage Rank Affect Employees' Wellbeing

Tuesday February 1 and Wednesday February 2 - Bhaskar Dutta
University of Warwick
An Introduction to Networks in Economics
February 1: Lecture 1 in P/X/001 from 5:15pm to 6:15pm
February 2: Lecture 2 in V/045 from 11:15am to 12:15pm

Wednesday January 26 - Tilman Borgers with Peter Postl
University College London
Efficient Compromising

Wednesday January 26 - Mark Weder 1:15pm - 3:15pm
Humboldt University

Tuesday January 25 - Mark Weder 10:15am - 12:15pm
Humboldt University

Wednesday January 19 - Michel Lubrano with Luc Bauwens
Centre National de la Researche Scientifique
Bayesian Inference in Dynamic Disequilibrium Models: An Application to the Polish Credit Market

Autumn 2004 seminar schedule

Friday December 10 - Teresa da Silva Lopes
Queen Mary - University of London
Multinational Growth, Survival and Leadership in Marketing Based Industries: The Case of Alcoholic Beverages

December 1 - Marc Fleurbaey
University of Pau
Is Commodity Taxation Unfair?

November 24 - Suresh Mutuswami with Abhinay Muthoo
University of Essex
Competition and Efficiency in Markets with Quality Uncertainty

November 17 - Nobu Kiyotaki with Ricardo Lagos
London School of Economics
A Model of Job and Worker Flows

November 10 - Christoph Thoenissen with Charles Nolan
University of St Andrews
Labour Markets and Firm-Specific Capital in a New Keynesian General Equilibrium Model

November 3 - Dieter Balkenborg
University of Exeter
On Extended Liability in a Model of Adverse Selection

October 27 - Indraneel Dasgupta
University of Nottingham
Consistent Firm Choice and the Theory of Supply

Summer 2004 seminar schedule

June 23 - Nicholas Baigent
Graz University
The Beach Party Problem

June 16 - John Nachbar
Washington University
Beliefs in Repeated Games

June 9 - Don Kenkel with Rosemary Avery, Dean Lillard and Alan Mathios
Cornell University
Regulating Advertisements: The Case of Smoking Cessation Products

May 26 - James Dearden with J Richard Aronson, Vincent Munley, and David Myers
LeHigh University
Public Defined Benefit Pensions: The Mischief of the Exclusive Benefit Rule

May 19 - Anja Shortland with Sourafel Girma
University of Leicester
The Political Economy of Financial Development

May 12 - Bhaskar Dutta with Sayantan Ghosal and Debraj Ray
University of Warwick
Farsighed Network Formation

May 5 - Mark Davis
Imperial College London
Valuation, Hedging and Investment in Incomplete Financial Markets

April 23 - Matthew B Canzoneri with Robert E Cumby and Behzad T Diba (2:15pm)
Georgetown University
The Cost of Nominal Inertia in NNS Models

Spring 2004 seminar schedule

March 10 - Charles Bellemare
Tilburg University
A Life-Cycle Model of Outmigration and Economic Assimilation of Immigrants in Germany

March 10 - Lutfey Siddiqi (2:15pm in V/045)
Barclays Capital
Applied Foreign Exchange Derivatives

March 3 - Patricia Apps with Ray Rees
University of Sydney
Life Cycle Time Allocation and Saving in an Imperfect Capital Market

February 25 - Carlo Scarpa with Michele Polo
University of Brescia
Entry Without Competition

February 11 - Roberto Motto with Lawrence Christiano and Massimo Rostagno
European Central Bank
The Great Depression and the Friedman and Schwartz Hypothesis

February 11 - Roberto Motto (2:15pm in V/123)
European Central Bank
The ECB and its Monetary Policy Strategy

February 4 - Daniele Checchi with Tullio Jappelli
University of Milan
School Choice and Quality

January 21 - Martin Ellison
University of Warwick
The Learning Cost of Interest Rate Reversals

January 21 - Anne Whitby (2:15pm in V/045)
Consultant to 4CAST Limited and Vice Chairman of the Society of Technical Analysts
Behavioural Technical Analysis in the Financial Markets

January 14 - Cem Payaslioglu
Eastern Mediterranean University
Decomposing Trend and Cycles in Turkish Real GDP: A Structural Time Series Approach

January 7 - Steve Humphrey with Arjan Verschoor
The University of Nottingham
The Probability-Weighting Function: Experimental Evidence from Uganda, India and Ethiopia

Autumn 2003 seminar schedule

November 26 - Valentino Dardanoni with Antonio Forcina
University of Palermo
Positive Dependence and Bivariate Regression for Ordinal Qualitative Variables

November 12 - Richard Aronson
LeHigh University
"The Mischief of the Exclusive Benefits Rule" or Playing with House Money or Heads I win; Tails You Lose

Summer 2003 seminar schedule

June 25 - Robert Sugden
University of East Anglia
The Responsibility Criterion: Consumer Sovereignty without the Assumption of Coherent Preferences

June 18 - Chris Starmer with Graham Loomes and Robert Sugden
University of Nottingham
Do Choice Anomalies Disappear in Repeated Markets

June 16 - Todd Sandler
University of Southern California
Global Terrorism: Deterrence Versus Preemption

June 4 - Michael Monoyios
Brunel University
Performance of Utility-based Strategies for Hedging Basis Risk

May 21 - Mardi Dungey with Renée Fry, Vance Martin and Brenda González-Hermosillo
Australian National University
Contagion in International Bond Markets During the Russian and the LTCM Crises

May 14 - Apostolos Katsaris with Chris Brooks
University of Reading
A Three-Regime Model of Speculative Behaviour: Modelling the Evolution of the S&P 500 Composite Index

May 7 - Michael Bleaney with R Todd Smith
University of Nottingham
Managerial Ability and Closed-End Fund Discounts

April 25 - Katharine Neiss with Edward Nelson
Bank of England Inflation Dynamics, Marginal Cost and the Output Gap: Evidence from Three Countries

Spring 2003 seminar schedule

March 12th - Dieter Boes
University of Bonn
Contests Among Bureaucrats

March 5th - Erik Eyster
University of Oxford
Rationalizing The Past: A Taste for Consistency

February 26 - Raman Uppal with Leonid Kogan
London Business School
Risk Aversion and Optimal Portfolio Policies in Partial and General Equilibrium Economies

February 12 - Alan Williams
University of York
Measuring Equity-Efficiency Trade-Offs in Health

February 5 - Laura Spierdijk with Theo E Nijman & Arthur H O van Soest
Tilburg University
Price Dynamics and Trading Volume: A Semiparametric Approach

January 30 - Nick Crafts
London School of Economics
The Impact of General Purpose technologies on British Economic Growth: a comparison of steam, electricity and ITC.

January 29 - David Kelsey with Frank Milne
University of Birmingham
Imperfect Competition and Corporate Governance

January 22 - David de Meza
Bristol University
Do Unprejudiced Societies Need Equal Opportunity Legislation?

January 15 - Daniel Zizzo
University of Oxford
On the Measurement of Harmony in Normal Form Games

January 8 - Robert Hill
University of New South Wales
Measuring Price Differences Across Countries and Time in the European Union

Autumn 2002 seminar schedule

December 11 - Ian Tonks with Edmund Cannon
University of Bristol
Annuity Rates in the UK

December 6 - Marco Haan with Linda A Toolsema-Veldman
University of Groningen
License Auctions When Winning Bids are Financed Through Debt

December 4 - Shlomo Yitzhaki with Quentin Wodon
Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Growth and Convergence: An alternative empirical framework

November 22 - Jordi Gali with J David López Salido and Javier Vallés
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
Understanding the Effects of Government Spending on Consumption

November 13 - Jim Engle-Warnick with Bradley Ruffle
Nuffield College, Oxford University
The Strategies Behind Their Actions: A Method to Infer Repeated-Game Strategies and an Application to Buyer Behavior

November 11 - William Greene
New York University
Specification and Estimation of Models for Panel Data

October 30 - Julia Darby with Anton Muscatelli & Graeme Roy
University of Glasgow
Fiscal Federalism and Fiscal Autonomy: Lessons for the UK from other Industrialised Countries

October 23 - Diganta Mukherjee with Ravi Kanbur
Indian Statistical Institute Premature Mortality and Poverty Measurement

Summer 2002 seminar schedule

August 2 - Carmel Chiswick
University of Illinois at Chicago
The Economics of Immigrant Religion: American Jews and Other Ethnic-group Experiences

August 1 - Barry Chiswick with Timothy J Hatton
University of Illinois at Chicago
International Migration and the Integration of Labor Markets

July 31 - Barry Chiswick with Yew Liang Lee and Paul W Miller
University of Illinois at Chicago
Longitudinal Analysis of Immigrant Occupational Mobility

July 30 - Barry Chiswick with Paul W Miller
University of Illinois at Chicago
Do Enclaves Matter in Immigrant Adjustment?

July 9 - Michael Eichler
Universität Heidelberg
Granger-Causality and Graphical Time Series Models

June 25 - Laura Valentini with Alistair Ulph
Tilburg University
Environmental Liability and the Capital Structure of Firms

May 28 - Fabio Canova
Universitat Pompeu Fabra
G-7 Inflation Forecasts

May 14 - Peter Spencer
Birbeck, University of London
A New Model of the Yield Curve: The US Treasury Market 1974-2000

May 7 - Lutz Kilian with Atsushi Inoue
European Central Bank
In-Sample or Out-of-Sample Tests of Predictability: Which One Should We Use?

April 30 - Jagjit Chadha with Charles Nolan
Cambridge University
Operating Characteristics of Simple Rules for the Conduct of Monetary and Fiscal Policy

Spring 2002 seminar schedule

March 5 - Dieter Boes
University of Bonn
Bureaucrats and Public Procurement

February 26 - Robert Taylor with Fabio Busetti
University of Birmingham
Tests of Stationarity against Changes in Persistence

February 19 - Sheri M Markose
University of Essex

February 12 - Jesus Gonzalo with Michael Wolf
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Subsampling Inference in Threshold Autoregressive Models

Autumn 2001 seminar schedule


December 4 - Oved Yosha with Sebnem Kalemli-Ozcan & Bent E Sorensen
University of Tel Aviv
Risk Sharing and Industrial Specialization: Regional and International Evidence

November 27 - Mono Chatterji
University of Dundee
Trade Unions and Economic Efficiency

November 26 - Ken Burdett with Melvyn G Coles
University of Essex
Equilibrium Wage/Tenure Contracts

November 13 - Rida Laraki
Ecole Polytechnique - Paris
Zero-Sum Repeated Games with Incomplete Information: Variationnal Approach

November 6 - Michael Bacharach
University of Oxford
Efficient Co-ordination

October 30 - Marc Hallin with Mario Forni, Marco Lippi and Lucrezia Reichlin
Universite Libre de Bruxelles
A Dynamic Factor Model Approach to the Analysis of Large Panels of Time Series Data

October 16 - Martin Weale with Richard Smith & James Mitchell
Are Firms' Forecasts Rational? Evidence from Qualitative Firm-Level Survey Data for the UK

October 2 - Catherine Morrison Paul
University of California, Davis
Temporal, Spatial and Industrial Spillovers and Productivity: An Overview of Issues and an Empirical Illustration

October 1 - Catherine Morrison Paul
University of California, Davis
Issues in Productivity and Cost Measurement

Summer 2001 seminar schedule


June 26 - Martin Sefton
University of Nottingham
Why Announce Leadership Contributions? An Experimental Study of the Signaling Hypothesis

June 12 - Manisha Chakrabarty
University of Bonn
Estimating Aggregate Consumption Function: A Heterogeneous Household Approach

May 29 - Bronwyn Hall
University of California, Berkeley and University of Oxford
Testing for Unit Roots in Panel Data: An Exploration Using Real and Simulated Data

May 22 - Myrna Wooders
University of Warwick
Some First Results on Noncooperative Pregames: Social Conformity and Equilibrium in Pure Strategies

May 15 - Chiaki Hara
University of Cambridge
The Anonymous Core of an Exchange Economy

May 8 - Pranab Mandal
Estimation of the Volatility Component in Two-Factor Stochastic Volatility Short Rate Models

May 1 - Jean-Yves Duclos
University of Laval
Socially-Efficient Tax Reforms

Spring 2001 seminar schedule

March 13 - Carol Propper
University of Bristol
Measuring Income Risk

March 6 - Enrique Sentana with Manuel Arellano and Lars Hansen

February 27 - Rainer Dahlhaus
University of Heidelberg
Nonparametric Curve Estimation for Locally Stationary Time Series

February 20 - Niloy Bose
University of Manchester
The Evolution of Stock Market in Economic Development

February 16 - Arthur van Soest
Tilburg University
Non-parametric Bounds in the Presence of Item Non-response, Unfolding Brackets and Anchoring

January 9 - Ken Binmore
University College London
Licence Auctions

Dr. Gulcin Ozkan delivering a lecture