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CREMS provides a forum for more than thirty academic staff and their postgraduates from eight leading departments at York, sharing strong affiliations with the departments of English, History, History of Art and Archaeology.

The Director of the Centre is 
Simon Ditchfield (Department of History)

Academic Staff

Tara Alberts, BA, MA, PhD (Cantab)
Encounters and exchanges, Europe and Asia 1500-1700

Keith Allen, MA (Cambridge), PhD (UCL) 
Philosophy of perception (especially colour), early modern philosophy, phenomenology, and the philosophy of philosophy

Monica Brito Vieira, MA, PhD (Cantab) 
Hobbes and ideas of representation

Sarah Brown, MA (York), FSA, FRHistS
History of Art, Director of York Glaziers Trust
Ecclesiastical architecture and stained glass

Stuart Carroll, BA (Bristol), PhD (London) 
Religion and Violence in France; Neighbourliness & Community in France, Germany, England and Italy

John Cooper, MA, DPhil (Oxon), AM (Penn) 
Religion, propaganda and monarchy in England

Michael Cordner, MA (Cantab) 
Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media
Renaissance and Restoration drama

Brian Cummings, MA, PhD (Cantab) 
Anniversary Professor, English
Shakespeare, history of religion, history of the book

Simon Ditchfield, BA (York), MPhil, PhD (Warburg) 
Perceptions and uses of the past, Italian Counter-Reformation

Jonathan Finch, BA, MA, PhD (UEA) 
Historic landscapes and church archaeology in England

Anthony Geraghty, BA (Birmingham), MA (London), PhD (Cantab) 
History of Art
Architecture and architectural drawing in England

Kate Giles, BA, MA, DPhil (York) 
Civic and ecclesiastical buildings in England

Natasha Glaisyer, BA (Canterbury, NZ), PhD (Cantab) 
Cultures of commerce in England

Sarah Griffin, MSc (Aberystwyth)
Library and Archives
Special Collections; York Minster Library



Helen Hills, BA (Oxon), MA, PhD (Courtauld) 
History of Art
Baroque architecture (Italy); the idea of 'baroque'; gender, religious devotion and architecture in post-Tridentine Italy

Robert Hollingworth, (New College, Oxford)
Anniversary Reader, Music
Founder of ensemble I Fagiolini

Katherine Hunt, PhD (Birkbeck)
Histories of art and science; material and the artisanal—matter and labour; early modern literary production

Hannah JeansBA (Hons), MA, PhD (York)
Gender and literary history in 17th-century England, specifically focused on reading cultures and habits 

Mark Jenner, BA, DPhil (Oxon) 
History of the body, conceptions of cleanliness, London

Richard Johns, MA (Courtauld), PhD (York)
History of Art
Grand-scale decorative history painting; visual culture in the long eighteenth century

Amanda Jones, MA, DPhil (Oxon) 
Borthwick Institute
Popular protest in England; archives and palaeography

Oliver Jones, MA, PhD (York)
Theatre, Film, Television and Interactive Media
Early Modern travelling players and performance space

Kevin Killeen, BA, MA, PhD (London) 
Early modern science, seventeenth century historiography, sermon culture and iconoclasm

Amanda Lillie, BA (Auckland), MA, PhD (Courtauld) 
History of Art
Art and architecture in Italy, Florentine villas

Emilie Murphy, BA, MA, PhD (York);
Soundscapes, Music and Religious Culture

Jeanne Nuechterlein, MA, PhD (Berkeley) 
History of Art
Religious and secular imagery in Northern European art

Sarah Olive, PhD (Birmingham)
The place of Shakespeare and his contemporaries in education

Liz Prettejohn, BA (Harvard) MA, PhD (Courtauld Inst)
History of Art
Receptions of ancient, medieval and Renaissance art

Jane Raisch, BA (Univ of Pennsylvania), PhD. (Univ of California, Berkeley)
The literature of C16 and C17 England and Europe; the reception of the classical world

Anna Reynolds, BA, MPhil (Cantab), PhD (York)
The history of paper, the book, and waste

Tim Riding, PhD (Queen Mary)
Historical geography of colonialism in Asia 

Richard Rowland, BA (York), MPhil, PhD (Oxon) 
Renaissance and Classical drama, editing and performance



Peter Seymour, BA, DMusic (York) 
Baroque and Classical music, performance practice, rhetoric

Erica Sheen, AGSM, BA, PhD (London) 
Shakespeare, film studies, law and literature

Freya Sierhuis, PhD (Florence)
Intellectual and literary history of England and Dutch Republic; emotions in EM culture

Helen Smith, MA (Glasgow), PhD (York) 
History of the book, Renaissance literature, feminist theory

Elizabeth Spencer, BA Hons, MA, PhD (University of York)
Gender, social, and material history of England, 1680-1830

Tim Stanton, BA (Leicester), MA (York), PhD (Leicester) 
Political philosophy, history of toleration, Locke

Laura Stewart, MA (St Andrews), MSc. PhD (Edinburgh)
Scottish Political Culture; State Formation & Political Communication

Tom Stoneham, MA (Oxon), MPhil, PhD (London) 
Metaphysics and epistemology, especially idealism and theories of perception

Tim Stuart-Buttle, PhD (Oxford) 
Early modern European intellectual history, and the history of political thought

Jonathan Wainwright, MA (Dunelm), PhD (Cantab) 
Italian and English music, performance practice, patronage

Geoffrey Wall, BA (Sussex), BPhil (Oxon) 
Rabelais, Shakespeare, Milton, psychoanalysis, life-writing

Sophie WeeksMA, PhD (Leeds)
Early modern intellectual history; the history of science.

David Wootton, MA, PhD (Cantab), FRHistS 
Intellectual and cultural history, medicine, political thought, drama

Cordula van Wyhe, MA, PhD (Courtauld) 
History of Art
Baroque art in the Netherlands and France, patronage and court culture

Tatyana Zhukova, MSt (Oxford), PhD (Nottingham)
Diplomatic history, court culture and Russian and British history of the early modern period

Leverhulme Early Career Fellow

William WhiteM.Phil (Cantab); D.Phil. (Oxon)
Political, religious, and intellectual history of early modern Britain, with a particular focus on the revolutionary decades of the mid-seventeenth century

Graduate Teaching Assistants

Jimena Ruiz Marron,  MA (York)
Soundscapes in seventeenth-century women’s writings

Emeritus Professors

Graham Parry, MA (Cantab), PhD (Columbia) 
Relationship between literature and the visual arts, Milton 

John Roe, BA (Cantab), MA, PhD (Harvard) 
English and Italian literature: Petrarch, Machiavelli, Shakespeare

James Sharpe, BA, DPhil (Oxon) 
Social and cultural history, witchcraft and crime

Bill Sheils, BA (York), PhD (London) 
English Reformation, nonconformity and recusancy, agrarian and urban space