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The Centre has its own dedicated space in the newly built Berrick Saul Building

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CREMS is part of the University of York's Humanities Research Centre

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The exhibition The Art of Disagreeing Badly: Religious Dispute in Early Modern Europe is now available on an interactive website.

The physical exhibition curated by Dr Stefan Bauer and Bethany Hume (York) was on display at the Old Palace, York Minster 15 November - 15th December 2016 and showcased the collections of the York Minster library, examining the role of religious polemic in the early modern period.  


SCSC Roland Bainton Prize for Reference Works

Tuesday 1 November 2016

Congratulations to CREMS members Kevin Killeen and Helen Smith along with Rachel Willie (John Moores) whose recent publication has been awarded the Roland H. Bainton Prize (for Reference Works) by the Council of the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference.

European Referendum

Tuesday 28 June 2016

Our statement on the EU Referendum.

Premier of 'Tudor Trilogy'

Tuesday 18 August 2015

The Cabinet of Curiosities premiers an original play 'Tudor Trilogy: The Adventures of Elizabeth I and her Father, Henry VIII' written by visiting Fulbright scholar, Dr. Carole Levin.

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CREMS Research Seminar

CREMS Research Seminar with speaker Elaine Leong (Max Planck Institute)


Spanish Royal Geographies in Early Modern Europe and America: Re-thinking the Royal Sites / Geographies of Habsburg Politics and Religion

An interdisciplinary symposium investigating Spanish royal sites in the early modern World as international geographies.


York International Shakespeare Festival 2017

The York International Shakespeare Festival is a major cultural venture for York and for the North of England. It emerges from a new partnership between the York Theatre Royal, the University of York and Parrabbola.


The Uses of History in Early Modern Religious Controversies

An international conference concentrating on the polemical interactions between Catholics and Protestants and exploring to which degree history and theology were fused together in the process and to which degree they could be separated.


The Look and the Like: Lancelot Andrewes's Real Words

CREMS Research Seminar with speaker Kathryn Murphy (Oxford)


Powerful Emotions / Emotions & Power c. 400-1850

The Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions and the University of York will jointly host an international collaborative conference on the theme of Powerful Emotions / Emotions and Power c.400-1850.

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